Podcast – Listen to industry leaders discuss football

Check out the new SBC Podcast featuring the discussion at this year’s Betting on Football #bofcon conference by Simon Trim, CEO of Sporting Index, Mark Brosnan, CEO of Matchbook and Bernard Marantelli, CEO and Founder of Colossus Bets.

All of the panellists spoke about the key focus they put on football, and the amount of planning that goes in to preparing for big tournaments. Bernard Marantelli highlighted the ‘sticky nature’ of tournament football, with only 8 out of 31 free days, and matches every day for the first 13.

Simon Trim confirmed that Sporting Index met directly after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil to discuss strategy for Euro 2016 and create a strong USP to help them bring in new players and upsell other products. He also mentioned the importance of educational campaigns for spread betting firms: “Educational campaigns are big for us as we do spread betting. We lead with player related markets as this is what generates the most buzz, then we move them onto more complex opportunities.”

Both Bernard Marantelli and Mark Brosnan talked up the importance of getting the product right, and prioritising the needs of the customer. Brosnan described the tournament as ‘a big opportunity to show customers what we’ve built’, and dismissed fears over managing customer support by saying the product should be ‘good enough to minimise the number of questions asked’.

Check out the audio above or click here

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