SBC Digital Summit: SEO trends and the importance of preparation

On the final day of SBC’s Digital Summit, a panel of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts analysed why SEO is integral to driving new and existing customers on to a user webpage. 

Lee Beirne, Ladbrokes Coral’s Head of SEO, highlighted the importance of following some of the latest trends which relate to the betting industry.

Beirne explained: “What we have been seeing is a big trend in virtual sports such as horse racing. Just look at the Virtual Grand National, as a search query that spiked over 10,000 per cent and I think virtual football betting spiked over 400 per cent. 

“Obviously esports is the star player at the moment. That has been slowly burning but given COVID we have seen that become more interesting towards people.”

Esports has been a big driving point in a lot of operators marketing tools due to the lack of live traditional sport offerings. However, Betsson Group’s SEO Expert Edoardo Ganetti said it is imperative that companies also prepare for 2021 to maximise SEO opportunities.  

He said: “In one years time there are bigger events than esports where the SEO’s must be prepared. In one year there is the Euro 2020 which has now become Euro 2021, for LatAm markets we have the Copa América so there will be a lot of searches around those terms.” 

Koen Bongers, Blexr’s Head of Search, then explained how online operators have ‘unintentionally’ been able to tap into a new market. He said: “I think in general this whole situation might work out pretty positive  for the online operators in particular.

“I saw an article in the Netherlands that online ordering is up by 72 per cent and that includes people that have never ordered anything online. The same thing applies for us. We have people now gambling online that never used to so we are unintentionally tapping into this big market that used to just go to the casino and play some slots.”

However, Bongers highlighted that it is imperative to put an emphasis on customer behaviour on your site in order to satisfy the influx of new players available.

He explained: “In this day and age everybody has a very limited attention span so you have little time to convince someone that this is the page they are looking for. I would recommend that you start split testing and see for instance if they have a greater focus on the security of their funds or they might have concerns about whether or not a casino is rigged. So, you want to address those concerns for the new people that are coming in.”

The panel, sponsored by Alpha Affiliates, was moderated by Rize Digital’s founder Nick Garner and featured on the summit’s Digital Marketing track sponsored by Juicy Stakes.

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