Easy Payment Gateway CEO Alex Capurro: The evolution of the payments sector at #boscon2017

Capurro - Easy Payment GatewayEasy Payment Gateway CEO Alex Capurro is speaking about Innovation in Payments at next month’s Betting on Sports conference (12-15 September).

We caught up with him for an interview ahead of his eagerly anticipated session, which will look at how the payments sector has been using technology to provide a smooth and safe user experience for both customers and operators.

SBC: From an industry perspective, has payments been overlooked as a key dynamic for sector innovation? 

AC: Yes, it has evolved not only from the technical side but also from use point of view. Now we have wallets, pre-paid cards, we have vouchers that automatically create a virtual pre-paid card, etc.

But not only this. Payment solutions have become part of the marketing strategy of companies, as a way to reach new players on new markets. So, payments are very important for operators right now.

SBC: How are new digital trends and user dynamics impacting payment development; where is your team focusing with regards to new products?

AC: Easy Payment Gateway focuses on creating technology so that operators manage and host their own cashier without the need of being PCI. These makes the operator control 100% of the cashier, which is the most important thing when it comes to the experience of paying. I think only a few operators have understood the power of this and they are the ones having huge success.

SBC: A high number of bookmakers are placing higher emphasis on extracting payment data effectively. How has this requirement changed the relationship between bookmaker and payment provider?

AC: For Easy Payment Gateway, this is not new. Our platform was created in a way so we can extract all data and return it to the bookmaker, operator or anyone who needs it. The flexibility of our API makes this possible. Decisions must be taken based on data – we have seen this since the beginning.

SBC: What future technology do you feel will have the biggest impact on the payments sector and its services for betting?

AC: I think it will not be necessarily the technology, but how things are done. Payment must be quick, easy and seamless to the player. The payment solutions with these qualities will succeed.

SBC: You will be speaking at BOSCON 2017; what do you want delegates to take away from your session?

AC: Yes, we have a nice session with some old friends. I would like people from take away my view on what is the best payment strategy.

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