Virtual sports is all about the locale

Virtual sports is something which an increasing number of operators are adding to their arsenal, and with the vast improvements in the games themselves as well as an expansion of the variety of games available this trend should be set to continue. virtualsportsbos

Editec’s Simon Burrell commented when asked if virtual if all about football: “Not at all. It very much depends on the location.

“In Uganda for instance virtual sports outweighs real sports betting, and virtual football is the real draw here. Understanding the markets and the competitive landscapes in each is critical.”

Golden Race CEO Martin Wachter said of the differences in virtuals’ popularity geographically in Africa: “In Nigeria it’s pure EPL. In Ghana they play spin to win. Tanzania is crazy for dog racing. Every country is different.

“The biggest challenge in Africa is how to bring the games to the punters, because outside the major cities as internet is often poor and unreliable.”

Moderator Andrew McCarron queried whether it’s more about the betting experience or the realism from a punters’ point of view.

Wachter stated that one of the primary discussions they had at Golden Race was ‘Is our priority getting the players in or a nice picture?’ He said: “We hired three bookmakers to do our odds meaning they’re properly updated and real. We know from the players they like to have good and realistic odds.”

Simon added: “Realism again differs country to country, some markets care about it a lot and some not so much. We’re working with Golden Race particularly because we think that the Real Fighting product will be popular in Kenya.

“With Sportradar we have two football virtuals, one of which is much more realistic than the other. We expect that people will become more demanding for superior, realistic products in the future but for now it’s still a new technology and experience people are trying out and getting used to.”

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