SBC News Andy MacKenzie - Spreadex - Spread betting trends on the Cricket World Cup

Andy MacKenzie – Spreadex – Spread betting trends on the Cricket World Cup

spreadex-AndymackenzieAndy MacKenzie, Marketing Communications Manager for sports and financial betting company Spreadex – the only bookmaker to offer fixed odds and spread betting from one account, takes a look at some of the trends that the spread firm has encountered during the Cricket World Cup.

There have been thrills and spills galore so far at the Cricket World Cup with some huge totals mixed in with some disastrous innings. If you are an England fan you might argue it’s more a case of ‘no frills’ as Eoin Morgan’s out-of-sorts side crashed out of the group stages after losing to Bangladesh.

But for UK punters in general, when it comes to betting on the tournament Spreadex has noted a number of trends both on the spread betting and fixed odds betting side of things:

Spread betting on ODIs can now give you make ups to challenge Test scores

There was a time when posting a total of 300 was impressive in the 50 over form of the game. Not anymore. That is almost the minimum expectation, with the 400 level already being breached on a number of occasions this World Cup.

Individual batsmen scores have also been lifted to a new level as shown by Chris Gayle’s astonishing 215 in the West Indies’ win over Zimbabwe and AB de Villiers’ superlative 162 not out from just 66 balls against the West Indies.

For spread betters, it means they can now find the type of volatility usually only associated with Test matches, in the shorter form of the game.

When you consider England’s pitiful 123 total in their tonking to New Zealand it shows the range of movement that can now be found when spread betting on Team Runs or Individual Batsmen Runs.

There is greater opportunity to provide shorter-term betting

The fast-moving nature of the ODI form of the game means it is great for customers who want a short bet that doesn’t necessarily take in the whole game. For example, with spread betting you can bet on the spread of runs for each five overs of an innings as well as on the final run total or individual batsmen totals.

This means that customer who are only able to watch the start of a match or have just tuned in for part of an innings can buy or sell on the quote for that particular five over period of the game and not have to worry about leaving a bet open when they are not in a position to watch the action and keep an eye on their position.

In-play betting prices are really worth playing on

Unlike some ‘in-play’ sports which end up with customers idling on an online casino game while waiting for something to happen, ODI cricket is the ultimate bet in-play sport. From the off there are usually wickets or runs aplenty meaning plenty of movement in the live spread betting Supremacy or fixed odds match odds offered by Spreadex.

Spread betting Supremacy prices are based on either the amount of runs the winning team wins by or the amount of wickets multiplied by 10. So a 10 wicket win would mean a make-up of 100 while some of the winning run margins have been as big as 257 in the case of South Africa’s smash-up over the West Indies.

Again this shows how volatile some of the in-play prices can be meaning for great opportunity to get in and out of in-play bets quickly, either to take a profit or cut a potentially worsening loss.

Player Performance markets provides interest away from just the match result

Not available when spread betting on Test match cricket, Player Performance markets give punters the chance to take a view on a particular player’s performance during a given match. Each player is given a quote pre-match with points awarded based on; 1 per run, 10 per catch, 20 per wicket and 25 per stumping.

So in the case of Gayle’s 215 against Zimbabwe, an additional two wickets and a catch during his spell of part-time off-spin saw his Player Performance make-up settle at a whopping 265.

Again, this shows the opportunity for huge volatility which is what spread betters love and at Spreadex we’ve seen the number of bets on these particular markets rocket during the tournament.

A wide range of long-term markets means you can bet on the tournament as a whole

The only slight problem with the Cricket World Cup for UK bookmakers is the unsociable hours of games being played during the night with matches often starting at 1am or 3.30am GMT.

This of course means that there are likely to be a lower number of bets than if matches were played when punters are more likely to be awake!

Needless to say, for those who can’t stay up through the night to bet on the matches themselves, the beauty of spread betting is that there are more than enough long-term markets to bet on to give you an interest across the whole tournament itself.

Spreads on the total number of Tournament Sixes, Tournament Fours, Tournament Runs, Tournament Wickets, Tournament Wides and Tournament Runs, not to mention specific specials per team also, mean that punters can take a view on what will happen across the competition as a whole – and of course they can open a bet or close out whenever suits throughout the World Cup.

Mid-way through the group stages, and the pattern is quite obvious – any punters who bought runs in any form before the competition will be feeling pretty happy right now with the Tournament Total Runs quote having leapt more than 1,000 points from a pre-start quote of 22,875 – 23,125 to its current price of 24,150 – 24,350.

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