GGL classifies Daily Fantasy Sports but limits game types  

Gluecksspiel (GGL), the Federal Authority of German Gambling, has confirmed that daily fantasy sports (DFS) will be classified as a gambling product available to German consumers.

The decision has been made following a review of DFS products, games and tournaments, in which the GGL concluded that DFS can be classified as a gambling product under the regulatory framework of Germany’s Fourth Interstate Gambling Treaty (GlüNeuRStv). 

However, in its review, the GGL asserted that certain DFS games and formats could be deemed as illegal gambling as they are promoted as “public games of chance, which require permission to be promoted and are considered a gambling service when the outcome to win is predominantly based on a chance to win.”

DFS games involve players creating virtual teams of real sports league players, who are then evaluated based on their actual performance to determine wins or losses.

It was reported that the decision has led a well-known provider of DFS to discontinue its services in Germany.

Ronald Benter, a GGL board member, stated that the decision had been made to protect German players from addiction and illegal gambling offerings. He said, “We find that our decisions are accepted by the providers and implemented promptly. This protects consumers from illegal offers and the risk of betting and gambling addiction.”

In response to the GGL’s decision, a well-known DFS provider ceased to operate in Germany. The GGL aims to protect consumers from illegal gambling and the risk of addiction. To play legally, users can refer to the official whitelist on the GGL homepage.

Joint CEO Benjamin Schwanke emphasised that combating illegal gambling is a crucial consumer protection issue that requires cooperation from all involved authorities, including regulators and law enforcement agencies. He said, “Fighting illegal gambling is an important consumer protection issue and can only be effective if all other authorities involved, such as law enforcement agencies, pull together.”

The GGL’s decision underscores the importance of adhering to local regulations and the need for collaboration between various authorities to ensure consumer protection. As the fight against illegal gambling continues, players are encouraged to remain vigilant and rely on official, legal channels for their gaming needs.

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