YGAM finds ‘source of pride’ as 1.8m young people reached in 2022

YGAM remains on track with its training, education and outreach objectives following a successful year in 2022, according to the group’s latest social impact report.

The charity’s breakdown outlined that training was provided to 4,819 delegates alongside 2,994 teachers and youth workers, expanding the group’s reach to a wider range of people.

Of the teachers trained, 98.1% are now confident that they can support and signpost young people to treatment programmes, compared to 25.8% prior to the workshops.

YGAM now estimates that it can reach 1,857,895 young people with its services, whilst up to 336 academy players from 12 football clubs have completed its gaming harms workshop via the League Football Education programme.

Dr Jane Rigbye, YGAM CEO, said: “The findings of this report are a source of pride, and I want to thank the team, our partners, and supporters for their dedication and effort during this year. 

“Our focus was to consolidate and build on the impact of our existing work, whilst looking to the future through the development of a new strategy to guide us from 2023.”

There were three core phases to YGAM’s 2022 approach, starting with reach and influence, building upon pilots in the Greater London area and delivering educational programming to young people.

The group’s next stage is evolution and knowledge – seeking research opportunities, providing thought leadership and engaging in ‘robust and independent evaluation’ of programmes, supported by data.

The third and final stage is content and education, focusing on improving and updating its educational framework, investing and expanding its digital resources and enabling knowledge development.

Further breaking down statistics for the year, YGAM revealed that it had trained 332 staff members at universities, 94 faith and community leaders and 876 healthcare professionals. 

“The team have risen to the challenge; they have been flexible, inspiring, and creative,” Dr Rigbye continued.

“They have set the foundations to enable us to deliver programmes which meet the needs of those who have responsibility for safeguarding children and young people, in a way which will continuously improve standards and real impact.”

YGAM’s report comes ahead of the Gambling Act review White Paper, scheduled to deliver clarity on key issues for stakeholders, reformists and education/treatment organisations. 

With one of the key topics being the potential adoption of a mandatory research, education and treatment (RET) funding levy, YGAM has reiterated the importance of education.

In an address at a Parliamentary Reception last month, Dr Rigbye’s comments on education were echoed by MPs Damian Phillips and Jeff Smith, former Gambling Minister and sitting Shadow Education Secretary respectively.

She said: “All too often we see preventative education being overlooked in the debate, or in some cases and more worryingly, work to increase awareness of treatment availability being used to demonstrate investment in prevention, when really, we would argue that the investment would be better off made upstream, so that less people need those treatment services in the first place.”

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