KSA slaps €400k fine on JOI Gaming for targeted advertising

KSA issues €400k fine to JOI Gaming for targeted advertising

The Dutch Gambling Authority, the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), continues to rigorously uphold advertising and marketing requirements in the country, handing out a fine to JOI Gaming

JOI, an online casino operator, has been charged €400,000 for violating the Netherlands’ ban on non-targeted advertising, namely for sending promotional messages to its entire customer base including young adults.

Under newly imposed Dutch gambling laws the protection of young adults is ‘explicitly included’ due to these group’s posing a greater risk of gambling addiction and harm. 

The KSA has since made enforcement of this ban a priority, with the authority finding that JOI had sent promotional messages for its www.jacks.nl website between 8 December, 2021 to 7 March, 2022.

René Jansen, KSA Chairman, said: “As far as we are concerned, the legislator is crystal clear: no recruitment activities aimed at young adults. 

“In December 2021, the Gaming Authority emphasised even more to licensed providers how the provisions on advertising and recruitment activities are intended.

“The Gaming Authority considers it serious and culpable that this provider nevertheless focused on young adults.”

Dutch policymakers, spearheaded by Justice Minister Franc Weerwind, first laid out plans for a clampdown on advertising and marketing practices in July of last year.

Politicians were particularly concerned about a ‘bombardment of advertising’ since the implementation of the KOA Act in October 2021, launching a regulated online gambling market.

So far, the ban on non-targeted advertising in the form of promotional materials has come into effect, but a planned ban on sports sponsorship.

Under the initial proposals, operators will be unable to advertise via television, radio or in public indoor or outdoor spaces, with enhanced requirements added for online marketing, whilst sports sponsorships are set to be banned by the end of 2025.

However, according to reports earlier this month, the Dutch Council of State has questioned some aspects of the law, and the full ban is unlikely to be implemented before April.

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