SBC News DoTrust signs Harry Skelton as BetBudget ambassador

DoTrust signs Harry Skelton as BetBudget ambassador

Harry Skelton has signed a brand ambassador agreement with KYC firm Department of Trust (DoTrust), supporting the group’s BetBudget brand.

BetBudget was developed by DoTrust to enable betting operators to carry out financial KYC checks such as income verification, vulnerability reviews and gaining access to bank statement data for enhanced due diligence (EDD).

Operators’ requests for information are reviewed and approved by customers, who use the app for free, without having to submit bank statements and retaining control of their data. 

“Financial KYC is becoming something every operator needs to conduct more often, more deeply and more accurately,” said Charles Cohen, DoTrust CEO.

“We are thrilled to be working with Harry to raise the profile of BetBudget among UK sports bettors in particular. They are the group most likely to encounter these checks today and benefit most from the free BetBudget app itself.”

DoTrust states that its product is a personal finance tool ‘designed specifically for all types of gamblers’ for money management and decision making around betting spend, using open banking software regulated by the FCA for security, privacy and easy use.

Additional features of the product include personal budgeting tools such as consolidating bank balances, tracking disposable income, providing discrete personalised alerts for spending and withdrawals and P&L user history analysis. 

Earlier this year, Cohen outlined his view that the betting industry should be concerned about mounting inflation and rising costs of living, citing YouGov data showing that 32% of UK gamblers intend to reduce their spend.

Commenting on his partnership with the company, champion jockey Skelton said: “As a jockey, my profession is built on trust. I’m delighted to partner with BetBudget, a tool that drastically improves the way in which players share their financial and other personal information with bookies. 

“Anything that helps people to bet in a safer, more responsible manner should be welcomed.” 

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