SBC News Dmytro Kryvorchuk: Slotegrator Academy is expanding the knowledge of operators

Dmytro Kryvorchuk: Slotegrator Academy is expanding the knowledge of operators

The Slotegrator Academy aims to expand the knowledge of online gambling operators and alleviate the problems that these companies may face when entering new markets, according to Dmytro Kryvorchuk, Sales Team Lead at Slotegrator

Speaking to SBC News, Kryvorchuk shines a spotlight on the Slotegrator Academy and the ways in which this education portal is helping betting and gaming companies to expand their international footprint.

SBC: Can you tell us about Slotegrator Academy? What does it hope to achieve?

This is the company’s educational portal, where an online casino operator can find a wealth of useful information and insights about essential aspects of the gambling industry. Its main goal is to minimise the risk of strategic and operational mistakes that an operator can make when organising an igaming business by providing them the tools they need to make informed decisions. 

The Academy’s portfolio includes over 500 articles on the website and three ebooks that can be downloaded for free, while its YouTube channel covers products, operating markets, marketing promotion, and other aspects of the igaming industry in a short, digestible format. All materials are based on analytical studies conducted by the company’s experts.

With Slotegrator Academy, we aim to scale the knowledge of online casino and sportsbook operators so they can launch their project, scale their business, increase their productivity, and speed up their ROI.

SBC: How does the Academy help prepare operators to launch online casinos and betting platforms around the world? And how important is local market knowledge in doing this?

For example, the LatAm iGaming Market Guide, which can be downloaded for free, covers every country in the Latin American market in detail so operators can fully prepare to launch a casino or sportsbook in the region. Knowledge of the local market – like the verticals and payment methods that players prefer – is critical if an operator is going to run a successful gambling project. 

Moreover, you need to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing situation in the market, so that you stay up to date not only during the project’s launch but also after it’s live.

SBC: In your experience, are there any markets which are particularly popular with operators looking to expand their international footprint?

Today, Asia, Africa, and LatAm are all booming. They have great potential and their own distinct features. To start with, mobile gambling is popular in all three, and players are increasingly using cryptocurrencies and e-wallets.

We already have projects operating in these markets, so we are well aware of the current trends and expectations of players from Asia, Africa and LatAm. In Asia, players prefer as simple an interface as possible. In Africa and Latin America, it’s important to remember that players like to place high volumes of low-value bets. 

When an operator enters a new market, he will need hints, insights, and analytics, and this is exactly what Slotegrator Academy provides. How to prepare for the launch of a project in a new market, what games to integrate into an online casino, what payment methods to use – these and other questions are covered on our educational portal.

SBC: What would you say are the key challenges that operators face when it comes to expansion?

At the initial stage of starting an online gambling project, an operator may face various difficulties: problems with the online casino platform, issues obtaining a licence in a new market, a lack of information, and so on.

Difficulties can arise even at the level of strategising. In an industry as dynamic and fast-developing as igaming, it is necessary to respond quickly to changes in the market. For example, the project must comply with all of its jurisdiction’s sometimes-changing regulations, as well as being flexible, user-friendly, multilingual, and SEO-optimised.

Another problem is the insufficient analysis of user preferences in the target market. For example, some games are designed for the European gambling market, while others are created specifically for the tastes of Asian players. Slotegrator has an expansive partner network, including leading game developers who tailor their content to diverse markets. You can integrate games into your platform using the APIgrator solution.

Often, operators cannot enter new markets because their platform lacks the requisite modules. Whenever that’s the case, Slotegrator can also solve this issue: the company gives its customers the opportunity to install any module separately.

SBC: What can we expect from Slotegrator Academy in the next 12 months?

Speaking about the future, we usually focus on innovative technologies. Slotegrator Academy is constantly releasing materials related to the practical application of innovations in igaming. For example, the ‘Guide to the Latin American igaming Market’ and ‘The Ultimate Guide to Online Casino Marketing’ ebooks both look at the critical role that innovation plays in the industry.

We’re seeing increased interest from both potential stakeholders in the gambling market and established operators, so we’ll do our best to make sure that every reader finds useful knowledge at Slotegrator Academy.

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