OtherLevels: Brendan O’Kane – Customer expectations will be the driving force for innovation

Ahead of this year’s Betting on Football, we have turned our attention towards everything innovation, catching up with OtherLevels Founder and CEO, Brendan O’Kane. We spoke about the acceleration of innovation in recent years, and the importance of personalisation for a sportsbook experience.

At this year’s event, Brendan will be speaking as part of our Betting on Innovation track, where he will be discussing the potential for “maximising in-play betting behaviour through personalisation”. Panellists will be discussing how events alter and odds change, in-play messaging can provide operators with new opportunities to segment customers against markets to drive more intelligent betting choices, and improve the customer experience.

SBC: How important a role does your In-Play Release 2 play in elevating personalisation?

Brendan O’Kane: Real time decision making is crucial to personalise sportsbook experiences. The OtherLevels In-Play release enables sportsbooks to trigger messages at scale in real time based on a range of data points including match and event state, real time odds changes, past betting behaviour and propensity to bet. We bring all those together to enable us to dynamically segment players and deliver highly relevant and personalised messages in real time

SBC: How important is technological innovation in customer retention?

BO: Customer retention is becoming more resource heavy and operators will need to utilise technology to reduce cost and complexity if they want to address the omni channel and highly personalised experiences that customers are calling for.

SBC: What innovation trends do you anticipate will capture attention in 2019?

BO: Customer expectations will drive innovation. We are already seeing operators respond to trends like next best bet and build a bet and these innovations will only increase as customers drive operators to innovate around highly personalised experiences.

SBC: Will the lack of tournament this summer lead to a spike in innovation?

BO: We are not sure that tournaments will drive innovation. Tournaments tend to lock down developer road-maps so instead it might give operators a window to move existing projects further along

SBC: What marketing approaches can help betting be perceived as a form of entertainment that is compatible with sporting events?

BO: It is a good question. Perhaps it is time for the betting industry to make it clearer to Governments that sporting entertainment and betting are naturally compatible and relevant and that operators are a positive force in the sporting calendar and mutually beneficial to sporting events globally.

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