Betcart – attention to detail when it comes to affiliates

Natalie Berenato, Head of Marketing and Affiliates at operator Betcart, explains the firm’s attention to detail when it comes to customer, and affiliate, care.

SBC: Hi Natalie, Can you provide SBC readers with a breakdown of Betcart services and provisions? What does this new brand bring to the betting market?

Natalie Berenato: Betcart, although young, is not exactly new to the sports betting market. We’re entering our third year of trading within a couple of months and the exponential growth we’ve seen has been amazing. We feel we’re filling a gap in the betting market by offering not only an innovative betting solution but truly raising the bar when it comes to a unique costumer experience and care, reliance of service and of course diverse verticals from top rated suppliers.

SBC: Where does your team feel that betting affiliates are being underserved at the moment, and how will Betcart’s brand challenge a saturated market?

NB: We feel that affiliates are being treated a bit all the same. The attention to detail has been lost along the way due to the sheer growth of the market. But we want to reinstate that, by offering tailor made solutions and offers to our affiliates and go the extra mile to succeed together. We all have access to a similar tool set, from dynamic banners to more reliable tracking, but I believe the true gold lies in the quality of our service and the relationships we build with our affiliates, understanding them beyond numbers, supporting them in their business and in what makes each one of them unique-

SBC: How do you create a dynamic brand and sports betting service that affiliates really want to promote and push in 2017?

NB: By being and staying ahead of the game. By planning every single event with accuracy and setting trends instead of following them. For acquisition we are preparing to launch truly unique offers which will be exclusive to the interests of our affiliates, from sporting events to free spins offers, tailored to each target country. Our brand also focuses tremendously on player’s retention and positive experiences, these are exciting times and we know our affiliates will benefit from them.

SBC: As one of the newer sports betting operator, how does your brand and product gain consumer confidence when faced with so much competitor choice?

NB: As mentioned, we work a lot on Customer Satisfaction and retention. We’ve put many tools and resources in place to make sure that customers are well looked after and can give us their opinion at any stage. This feeds back to our strategic decision making team and helps us improve each day. We feel this attention to detail is missing in the industry and believe will make us stand out.  

SBC: Coming into 2017, what are Betcart’s long and short term goals for this new year?   

NB: There are a lot of exciting challenges and milestones which we hope to celebrate with our players and partners alike this year. We are currently preparing our application for the UK licence and a couple of more surprises to come, we want to grow in regulated markets and give our affiliates the opportunity to grow with us. We have closed a couple of strategic partnerships in the rewards and partnerships segment we hope to announce mid this year, but rest assured our brand has a lot of surprises coming your way!

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