DATA.BET to make esports data debut in $250,000 ICE tournament

DATA.BET will kick off its bid to become the industry’s most comprehensive esports solutions provider by supplying the official data for a $250,000 CS:GO tournament played out at ICE London, and streamed to an online global audience in excess of five million.

The tournament has been produced in partnership with GG.BET, for which DATA.BET has exclusive data rights. It will take place in an 800 sqm state-of-the-art Esports Arena at the ExCeL, featuring a custom built stage, commentator ICE box, DATA.BET lounge, themed bar and a betting hatch allowing players to ‘bet’ ICE and GG.Bet dollars to simulate the esports wagering experience.

DATA.BET’s post-launch offering will then include raw esports data, managed trading services (MTS) and a fully bespoke plug-in esports sportsbook covering 6,000 esports matches, 3,000 live odds and 600 betting markets each month. 

The supply of raw data will give DATA.BET’s clients exclusive access to real-time streams of popular tournaments in different formats, along with the ability to form live lines for traders.

The presence of MTS, said the company, means that it can cover the full spectrum of the esports market with odds powered by risk, liability and player management, while crucially remaining bespoke to each client’s needs. 

Set up to prevent abusive behaviour and improperly sets odds, DATA.BET’s MTS also provides real time monitoring and key player information as well as effective player profiling and customisable risk management. 

Finally, as a fully bespoke plug-in sportsbook for esports DATA.BET’S iFrame solution has been designed to be integrated alongside operators’ existing sportsbooks, while giving complete control over the brand in terms of customer management, payments, operations, odds and risk management. 

Tetyana Pshevlotska, Chief Business Development Officer at DATA.BET, said: “Esports is the fastest growing betting market on the planet, and after bringing together some of the brightest esports innovators, we are launching DATA.BET to bring the market into maturity with the industry’s most advanced package of solutions.

“As well as providing to our customers everything that an esports operator would need, we aim to make our services fully bespoke to each customer with a solutions package that is set to be the most comprehensive ever seen. We’re looking forward to ICE London 2020 and beyond as we begin to roll out our services.”

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