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Nick Hill – EveryMatrix – The New Game

Nick Hill Sales & Marketing Director of EveryMatrix

As future legislative changes and new taxation schemes enter the online gaming sector, SBC caught up with Nick Hill Sales & Marketing Director of EveryMatrix, to discuss impacts on igamings operational value chain and its affect on the relationships between B2B and B2C services providers.

Nick Hill has been involved in Internet Gaming for the past 13 years in various roles within the industry mainly business and operations focused but also processing, software development and operations. For the past 5 years Nick has been acting in a commercial capacity at EveryMatrix and has been extensively involved with the company’s direction and corporate  strategy

SBC: As a B2B igaming supplier, how is EveryMatrix preparing for the upcoming multiple changes in igaming regulation both in the UK and abroad?

Nick: EveryMatrix has made the strategic decision to become the trusted partner for clients looking to move into regulated territories and do business there in a transparent and fully compliant manner.

EveryMatrix is embracing the new regulations that are coming up in the UK and other European jurisdictions and we are currently in the process of testing all products and procedures and have submitted our application to the UK regulator for both Software service provider and Operator licenses.  EveryMatrix is also in the process to become regulated in all other European regulated countries such as Denmark, Italy and Spain with others to follow, as our clients and partners determine.

We are also looking at emerging markets and have recently created a team focusing specifically on this and determining the steps that need to be taken in order for our clients to benefit from regulations in these emerging markets.

SBC: There appears to be a changing business dynamic in the igaming sector between suppliers and their clients caused by these changes.  What factors have now become top of the partnership agenda?

Nick: I agree the requirements from the operators have changed as well as their relationship with suppliers. They’re no longer looking for a commercial rapport, but rather an on-going partnership, in which them and us both are interested in introducing new gaming products to the mix, enhancing the player experience, and eventually optimizing their (and our) KPIs.

In short, operators now want more choice of content for retention purposes and an enhanced player experience. This, in turn, is coupled with more flexibility in terms of customising the front end and adding all the elements improving player engagement and usability.

EveryMatrix ticks both boxes because we have developed our OddsMatrix sportsbook so that operators have a choice of frontends, with an individual look and feel for Asia, Europe and the Americas. Additionally, if operators have the technical capability, they can build a unique frontend themselves upon our extensively developed WebClientAPI. This provides them with total control of the player experience, which sets us apart from most of other providers out there offering mere re-skins of an already standard looking brand.

EveryMatrix has also developed a WebAPI for our CasinoEngine, the largest casino content aggregator ever on the market. We’ve basically pooled content from all major content providers and integrated it into one seamless wallet and back-office for unified reporting, bonus construction and FPP allocation across all vendors.

So my point is, EveryMatrix is doubly flexible: Flexible toward operators, who get this huge selection of content and a complete free hand in terms of layout, and also toward software and content providers.

We appeal to the content and software providers because as long as the provider (no matter what the content) has a developed API, EveryMatrix can integrate this efficiently. The GamMatrix platform has been built with this in mind and as such is a receptacle for API integrations: Not only content providers, but also payment processors, e-mail marketing and CRM tools, affiliate programmes and analytic tools, making the overall product interesting for those operators who want to work with expert tools and programs.

SBC: Your team has helped the successful launch of many new iGaming operators into the sector. What have you learned as a business from this practice, and how will it aid your business long term goals?

Nick: What EveryMatrix has learned is that it needs to be extremely flexible and listen to the customer’s specific requirements because they are not all the same: Operators targeting different jurisdictions or various demographics or channels, all have different needs.  This, in turn, is assisting EveryMatrix with determining our product development road map and also keeping the company abreast of market shifts, trends and new initiatives. This is what has pushed us, for example to add 5 new major casino vendors to our CasinoEngine in the past 6 months: We’ve added LeanderGames, WMS, Aristocrat, Merkur and ThunderKick, plus a host of other smaller providers, and this has all been driven by our client base. 

SBC: Much industry criticism has been garnered towards the standardisation and uniformity of iGaming products. How does EveryMatrix develop new technologies that tackle these factors?

Nick: As previously mentioned, EveryMatrix has developed a set of WebClientAPI’s for both sportsbook and casino that allows operators to take total control of their web and mobile frontend.  This newly developed API uses not HTTP  but Java Script and HTML without the use of a webserver.

The launch of the WebClientAPI allows operators to build innovative, state-of-the-art front-ends without the need of in-house webservers. Our clients retain full control over the user experience while being able to build their front-ends in a fast and flexible manner.

WebSockets allow full bi-directional communication between the server and the client with less overhead than traditional HTTP based methods, which generates faster and more scalable real time applications on the web.

SBC: In your opinion, what do both iGaming operators and suppliers need to address and priortise, in order to successfully challenge a tough upcoming 2015?

Nick:In my personal opinion both operators and suppliers need to listen to one another and most importantly to the requirements, needs and entertainment desires of the player. New territories and jurisdictions are coming online and they all have their own sets of rules, regulations and requirements, so the flexibility issue comes in to play. We all must be able to address these new challenges on a case by case basis: From creative design capabilities, to content that meets market requirements and a delivery platform that can be adapted to meet these changing needs.

SBC: Finally, as a business leader in the igaming sector, do you see other sectors in which igaming can learn from in order to create optimal products and services?

Nick:I think from the side of the operator they can learn a whole lot from the retail side of things in terms of engaging players not only via compensation and bonus, but via true engagement and brand recognition. This in turn will assist in retention and help build stronger businesses. On the flip side, the suppliers and software vendors will come to develop products that whilst are still real money and not purely social products will incorporate some of the social hooks and triggers into the real money products and services.


Nick Hill – Sales & Marketing Director EveryMatrix

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