James Taylor – Yieldify – Thinking in Real Time

James Taylor – Yieldify – International Business Development

James Taylor, International Business Development Manager for Yieldify, one of Britain’s fastest growing digital marketing start-ups, tells SBC that with growing marketing and retention costs, igaming operators can no longer disregard real time data and marketing actions.

Yieldify  is a multi-channel analytics and remarketing platform that helps e-businesses drive incremental revenue from their website. Their technology works by tracking user behaviour on a site, analysing it in real time and then delivering highly-targeted, personalised remarketing campaigns that incentivise conversion.


SBC: Hi James pleasure to interview you. Can you briefly summarise Yieldify services for our readers and how they can help sports betting and igaming operators?

James:Hi  team SBC and thanks for interviewing me.

Yieldify improves onsite conversion rates, not just by analysing past data and enacting improvements for the future, but by actioning real time data to target abandoning visitors at the moment of exit intent. We grow sign up and deposit rates for a growing number of clients in the igaming industry by several means, relevant specifically to the segmentation of that visitor. It is Yieldify’s ability to target so precisely that makes the technology so effective.

SBC:  Yieldify has worked with several igaming brands, where in igaming’s marketing and retention arc do you see your business services having the biggest impact?

James: Clients in igaming suffer from the same difficulties as other sectors,  when it comes to form abandonment at sign up. Ultimately a lot of time, effort and money goes into driving traffic to their websites, making people aware of their services and getting customers to consider various products which often have  few unique selling points beyond branding and loss leading new customer offers – with igaming partners  Yieldify aims to improve the acquired customers ROI,  whilst  also bolstering campaign/marketing conversions rates and improving long term product retention.

SBC: When working with new igaming clients, what information is your team looking to gather on the client in order to create an effective long term partnership?

James: We tend to model forecasts based upon current traffic levels, existing conversion rates, average customer value and CPA levels paid to affiliates. With this we can provide an informed estimate, sense checked against vertical specific data in-house, on what uplift we expect Yieldify to provide incorporating costs and therefore a projected return on investment multiple.

As the relationship evolves, we work closely with clients continuously analysing onsite data to optimise Yieldify’s campaign performance, improve client site drop off areas, as well as better apply Yieldify’s technology to grow client revenue even further.

SBC: There appears to be a growing concern over intrusive marketing methods applied by digital marketing enterprises when targeting customers. How does your team ensure best practice, so that the customer is not targeted in an invasive manner?

James: Indeed it is an issue we see created by a number of smaller players in the industry. With Yieldify, having invented onsite re-targeting, we are several steps ahead of the industry having already learnt what does and doesn’t work relevant to a client’s branding guidelines and business goals. Although we are renowned for our overlays, there are a number of alternative presentation methods including site personalisation, banners, animations and gamification – each tailored to the visitor and branded as native to the client site. The technology is a back end innovation, the appearance of it is a blank canvas malleable to any client specification or concern.

I would add that the ways in which Yieldify related tech can be triggered are highly detailed and adaptable to client specification.

SBC: Finally, what future user habits and new technologies will have the biggest impacts on conversions and customer engagements with digital products. What should our industry be preparing for?

James: I think the current generation of digital professionals have a huge opportunity in finding ways to monetise data. A lot of people have been talking about ‘big data’ for a while now. Let me be the first to say it, for digital commerce platforms, real time data is what it is all about. Yieldify is the absolute global leader in monetising dynamic real time data and this is the trend the industry needs to be ahead of.


James Taylor – Yieldify – International Business Development Manager

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