EveryMatrix’s Alexandru Teodorescu on B2B providers changing dynamics

Alexandru Teodorescu – EveryMatrix

Team SBC catches up with  Alexandru Teodorescu Senior Sales Manager for EveryMatrix, to discuss the changing role of software providers in igaming. Ahead of the upcoming Betting on Football Conference (8 May Stamford Bridge) Alexandru discusses current impacts, player habits and future trends that will effect software and gaming provisions for the sector.

Alexandru Teodorescu has nine years of experience within the BetBrain/EveryMatrix group. Throughout his career he’s managed a number of departments at BetBrain, playing an integral role in the development of the company. He became senior sales manager at EveryMatrix in February 2013, bringing along his extensive knowledge of the sports betting vertical.

SBC: As an igaming veteran how has the relationship changed between B2B providers and their clients? What do your clients demand now more than ever?

Alexandru : First and foremost it goes without saying that no two clients are similar. Having taken that into account, the most palpable pattern observed throughout the years is that competition is ever increasing, with new software providers opening their virtual doors every month. This means that clients have a broader range of products to choose from, they can negotiate better deals and they can easier switch to another provider in case they are not satisfied with the service they receive. This puts extra pressure on providers as they really have to go the extra mile just to keep their businesses afloat.

Those who want to stay ahead of the game must never stop inventing, developing, adding new features and products, while offering excellent value for the money and being super-responsive to their clients’ needs and demands. Speaking of popular demands, they will often be based on the possibility of capitalizing on the latest, popular trends. For instance, we’ve all seen the advent of in-play betting, live streamed casinos and mobile usage over the past few years. Those are now rightfully regarded as critical to one’s business success and consequently clients will shop around for the most compelling package. EveryMatrix is set to go beyond compelling, with its offering of over 12,000 live betting events per month, advanced mobile solution and live dealer casino content from up to eight different vendors – the biggest portfolio on the market.

SBC: The igaming landscape is changing due to regulation and new technologies, what business area should B2B providers look to prioritise in order to secure their long term business?

Alexandru : Once again, this varies greatly according to the profile of each B2B provider. However, no matter the profile, there are a couple of aspects they ought to prioritize: R&D and – for most of them – licensing and software certification. The ever increasing fragmentation of territories imposing their own regulation is offering early adopters the opportunity to capitalize on their ability to be among the first and few ones to offer software solutions in these territories.

As an example, EveryMatrix employs well over a hundred technical staff in several countries and the HR department is constantly on the lookout for new, talented programmers. The company also possesses gambling licences in Malta, Curacao and Alderney and is working on expanding its coverage, with UK, Italy, Spain and Denmark licenses being next on the list.

SBC: As a B2B service provider, do you worry that regulation or unclear legislation will stifle new igaming ventures entering the igaming market?

Alexandru : Regulation is a double-edged sword, as it can represent both an opportunity and a threat, depending on the way you deal with it. On one hand, grey markets are fairly easy to reach with a general gambling licence. On the other hand, factors such as unclear legislation or repeated postponing of regulating a market may indeed have an adverse effect for the operators who want to do business in the respective territory, as they are forced to wait for the situation to be clarified. As a whole I welcome it. Increased regulation also increases the demands for software and scale and EveryMatrix is well positioned to take advantage of this.

SBC: Uniformity of igaming products is now becoming a key as many operators seem to promote the same product inventory to their players. What are your thoughts on the matter and what should operators do to be more individual?

Alexandru : There’s a long list of aspects that are important for the wellbeing of a business. Each of them, taken individually, can and should be regarded as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. The biggest investments we’ve been doing in EveryMatrix have been offering and user experience. As for the offering, we now have an extremely wide selection of products and payment methods to choose from, allowing our clients to have different mixes according to taste and audience, all of them configurable, e.g., different sportsbook payouts and presentations, different casino lobby content. For user experience, we’ve invested in creating a unique Web API that allows building your own sportsbook or casino in two-three months. This is a huge departure from old school skinning often seen from white label providers. And it’s been used to great effect by our clients already with outstanding results. So the key for the operator is to choose the B2B supplier whose software solutions are complex and flexible enough to allow the client to differentiate from the rest. EveryMatrix has all the bases covered and its cutting edge, multiple awarded technologies have a track record in helping new clients get a head-start in the market share battle.

SBC: How do you see sports betting and igaming customer habits evolving, and how will these impact your business. What should our sector be preparing for in terms of new user habits?

Alexandru :  Sportbooks will continue enhancing their pre-live and live offering, will adopt and capitalize on future technology and social trends, will diversify their products and will attempt to create a personalized and immersive user experience. They will also keep getting better at identifying and dealing with sharp punters while continuing to focus their marketing, development and diversification efforts on attracting and retaining the recreational ones. All of this comes to address the ever increasing sophistication and betting expertise of players, so represents the natural response to their evolving gambling habits. What we didn’t really see appear yet is truly personalising and gamification attempts. Data mining remains primitive and while sports betting has a social dimension that aspect remains missing.

SBC: You’re sponsoring the famous oompah Band at our Betting on Football Awards on 8 May at the Octoberfest Pub. What made Everymatrix  get involved?

Alexandru : We’ve always been very active within the gambling community and this new event is just the perfect opportunity for us to give back a tiny bit to the industry that helped us grow to where we are today. As awarded innovators ourselves, we appreciate and encourage innovation, hence the choice of sponsoring the Best Football Innovation award.


Alexandru Teodorescu Senior Sales Manager  EveryMatrix

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Betting provisions and B2B strategy will be discussed at the upcoming Betting on Football  Conference – 8 May Stamford Bridge


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