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Live streaming vs real event: where are we at?

live streaming - Business inspiration concepts with woman writing What's next? text on papernote.Strategy and vision for work

Over the past year, we’ve seen video communication on an unprecedented scale, from remote work to virtual conferences and live-streamed events like webinars, town hall meetings, theatre and music. In the gaming world many casino visitors became online users.  At the same time interactive live streaming turned into an important ally for operators who need to create engaging experiences online. …

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nanocosmos: Sitting in the front row for interactive live streaming


nanoStream Cloud from nanocosmos has become a well known B2B live streaming solution for platform providers across the iGaming industry, especially since mobile use and games “on the go” have become increasingly important.  Offering an ultra-low latency live streaming solution that works well on mobile devices and with iOS was the starting point for nanocosmos to enter the iGaming market …

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