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Frenetic and data-rich: Why Pinnacle believes esports is undoubtedly a ‘betting sport’

Consistently found in the top four of Pinnacle’s best performing sports, and even higher with many of its B2B partners, esports has more than proven itself to be a popular betting product explained Ben Cove (pictured), Chief Marketing Officer at Pinnacle.  But despite the solid betting trends, some have argued that esports is simply not a ‘betting sport’. Cove gives …

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24/7 ESports drops former Skyred CS:GO team

Australian eSports company 24/7 Esports has announced that it has terminated relations with a Vietnamese CS:GO team amidst allegations of match fixing. The team were formerly signed to Skyred, an eSports organisation which is one of the biggest in Vietnam.   It’s key to note that these remain only allegations, and no evidence has been provided as yet. The decision …

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