Entain: Increasing number of Brits view gambling as social activity

Entain: Increasing number of Brits view gambling as social activity

New research from Entain has found that more than half of bettors (55%) regard betting and gaming as a social activity. 

The survey, carried out by CT Group, quizzed 2,000 Britons who enjoy placing a bet on something other than National Lottery at least once a month.

It found that 78% of respondents place a bet at least once a week and typically spend around roughly half what they might spend each week in bars, pubs and restaurants.

Entain noted that these findings, which come ahead of the UK Gambling Act review, reinforce the idea that ‘betting is a social activity that the vast majority of people enjoy safely and responsibly’.

An overwhelming majority (94%) of British adults who bet at least once a month believe they ‘should be free to decide for themselves how to spend their spare time and money’, showing an increase from the 79% in December 2020.

Over 90% of people who stated that they enjoy betting see themselves as sports fans and 83% like to bet on the outcomes. Meanwhile, half of those who enjoy betting are in favour of the industry supporting grassroots and lower league clubs.

Strengthening the idea that the majority of bettors play within their means, 58% of respondents categorised themselves as savers with 84% stating that they own a savings account. 

Entain said: “In every aspect of life and leisure, respondents report increased online activity during the pandemic, led by banking and shopping. 

“Although across all areas people expect their online activities to fall as restrictions ease, they expect to continue betting, shopping and streaming digital entertainment online even after the pandemic is over.”

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