William Hill prices Cameron at 5/2 for ‘June Step Down’


As David Cameron faces the most significant week of his leadership term, with the UK heading for its EU Referendum next Thursday (23 June). Bookmaker William Hill has shortened the odds to 5/2 on Cameron standing down as PM before the end of June.

Cameron has publically stated that he will remain as UK PM, regardless of Thursday’s Euro Referendum outcome. However political commentators claim that a ‘Leave’ outcome would signal a vote of no-confidence for Cameron’s leadership of a split party and nation.

The ‘Brexit’ debate has seen Cameron Tory foe Boris Johnson become the favourite to replace the PM as party leader at 5/2. William Hill further notes market gains for Camp Brexit leading figure Michael Gove, who presently ranks as third favourite at 6/1.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has been marked as the debates biggest loser, seeing him slip in most bookmaker markets to 9/2.

At present most UK bookmakers predict that the Tory party leadership post 23 June, will be a four horse race between; Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Michael Gove and George Osbourne.

Political commentators have noted the importance of the next Conservative party cabinet reshuffle, post the EU Referendum. Regardless of whether Cameron remains in power to restructure his party, numerous commentators have detailed that reshuffle may point to who the Torys want to unite under.

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