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Morning session 1 of Betting on Football (BOF), examines whether betting operators are maximising the full potential of partnerships within the sport.

Taking the perspective of football club senior management, panellists examine how betting brands can maximise exposure, calculate ROI on sponsorship and build lasting partnership that are effective to the affinity of the fans and clubs

Session Panel


SBC Notes

  • Paul Reeves opens discussions by giving insight into Sheffield United’s process for finding club partners. Reeves states that the club’s preferred stance is to deal directly with firms, rather than agents. Reeves notes that establishing early partnership structures and terms with key stakeholders is key to beginning a successful partnership.
  • George Harborne – ‘Cash in Hand’ mentality is no longer effective or liked by club management. Although betting brands will gain coverage, Harborne states that return on marketing investment is gained when clubs research and understand the dynamics and key demographics of the football club. Harborne adds that this is a “two way process” which involves the club opening its operations and operators researching the club’s key assets. The speaker further states that any potential brand willing to partner with a football club, has to be able to assess whether the club can present key data and effective inventory representative of its assets.
  • Paul Reeves – Betting operators need to be aware of the “commercial value chain of football clubs’. In preparation they should examine which brands outside of betting the club’s have partnered with. Of particular note should be the shirt manufacturer of the club, who is interested in who will sponsor the club, with regards to its operations at the start of the football season.


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