National Bingo Day launched to aid critical venue recovery

UK bingo’s biggest land-based operators, Mecca and Buzz Bingo, have joined forces to launch ‘National Bingo Day’ on Sunday 27 June – providing a vital boost for all British bingo venues returning to business from lockdown. 

Accustomed to being celebrated across the US, Buzz and Mecca have launched Britain’s version of ‘National Bingo Day’, championed by the Bingo Association.

Helping all bingo venues recover, Buzz and Mecca have invited all licensed operators (land-based and retail) to register their interest in supporting National Bingo Day.

Miles Baron, Chief Executive of the Bingo Association, stated: “The Bingo Association and the National Bingo Game are delighted to be taking part in National Bingo Day on June 27th, working alongside operators from land-based clubs and online to bring everyone together to celebrate the great game of bingo that we all love.”

Buzz and Mecca teams have set up a working group with the BA, assigning roles to help with the day’s coordination, marketing and PR. The group is seeking to raise awareness of bingo for the benefit of the entire sector from the smallest independent to the largest chains.

“What better way to celebrate the return of bingo to our towns than with a national day to recognise it.  It’s time to get the nation going bingo crazy again – and I really hope to see the whole sector embrace it – and go big!” remarked Peter Brigden, CRO of Buzz Bingo.

Buzz and Mecca management underscored the importance of cross-industry collaboration in helping support the recovery of the wider bingo industry, as land-based venues have faced the majority of 2020 and 2021 trading under lockdown.

Catherine Warrilow, Head of PR & Content at Mecca, added that all ideas were welcomed to turn National Bingo Day into a critical success, putting the spotlight on bingo’s recovery.  

“We’re so excited that National Bingo Day has officially arrived in the UK,” she said. “We’re proud to be a part of the campaign and it’s THE year for bingo to be the evening out at the top of everyone’s list.

“This special day in June will be a real lynchpin for that – for us, and all operators – it’s the perfect time.”

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