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Moving to OtherLevels: CRM specialist joins from Camelot

Andy Dellbridge, the new Head of Professional Services and Customer Success at OtherLevels, has been charged with helping its clients to maximise their investment in digital messaging.

Joining from Camelot, the operator of the UK’s National Lottery where he had been Head of CRM and Digital Player Communications since February 2016, he will be responsible for the management of OtherLevels’ professional services, including implementation and strategic planning. Previously, he headed CRM operations at the Nationwide Building Society.

OtherLevels messaging platform provides messaging techniques such as app push, web push, inbox, interstitials, SMS and email, all designed to grow a client’s conversion and engagement rates.

Dellbridge commented: “I’m thrilled to be joining OtherLevels and taking up this new challenge in my career. I worked very closely with OtherLevels during my time at Camelot, using its digital messaging techniques to improve customer engagement, loyalty and lifetime value.

These services have a proven track record and I can’t wait to help other clients as well as gaming operators realise the full potential of their own CRM campaigns.”

Lance Standing, General Manager, EMEA at OtherLevels, added: “As the professional services side of our business continues to grow, we are delighted to welcome Andy to OtherLevels and he will become a key member of our team.

“Andy knows first-hand the work we do here, as our app messaging helped double Camelot’s revenues during his spell with the operator. He also understands exactly how our experienced team creates and implements messaging strategies, campaign optimisation and managed services.”