EGBA cites industry progress on safer gambling duties

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has reported that its members are “significantly stepping up their safer gambling efforts” towards their customers, including the greater deployment of tools and increased communications to promote safer gambling.

The comments come in the group’s Sustainability Report 2020/21, which aims to support accountability, transparency and reinforce a strong culture of safer gambling in Europe’s online gambling sector

Key highlights from the report include 75 per cent of customers having at least one safer gambling tool activated, either mandatory or voluntarily, on their online betting accounts, an increase from 61 per cent of customers in 2019.

It was further reported that 2.8 million personalised communications were sent to customers about their individual gambling behaviour with the aim of promoting safer gambling, which represents a 133 per cent increase compared to 1.2 million personalised communications in 2019.

Moreover, 14.2 million generic communications were sent to customers to promote safer gambling, with €408m voluntary contributions to European sport through sponsorships and sports streaming rights payments, which is a 20 per cent increase compared to 2019.

“EGBA and its members are committed to lead from the front on safer gambling and our yearly sustainability report is part of our commitment to be accountable and transparent about our activities, track our progress and support our overall efforts to put safer gambling at the heart of what we do,” Maarten Haijer, secretary-general of the EGBA, said of the report’s findings.

“The personal commitment of the CEOs to achieve these objectives is vital and welcomed. It is very encouraging to see that our members are already putting their commitment into action through the greater deployment of safer gambling tools and by communicating more than ever before to their customers about safer gambling, and in an increasingly personalised and targeted way.”

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