Sirplay unveils Google Cloud partnership

Sirplay has revealed that it has opted to partner with the Google Cloud Platform switching from its on-premises server for a more trustworthy structure, in order to improve its services.

This decision was taken because of the continually changing online gaming market, that in the last ten years has seen an increase of $35 billion thanks to the constant growing of players number.

Sirplay on-premises servers didn’t fit the trend of this fast-expanding market, limiting the potential growth and compromising the performance of the application.​ Google Cloud Platform lets Sirplay sports betting software be more responsive as well as providing a cutting-edge technology.

With this Google partnership, the gaming solutions experts have been able to quadruple the number of users that an average online gaming platform can host and to multiply by 20 the average transactions per second, making it the most performative gaming platform on market.  

With Sirplay’s previous on-premises servers, the reserve capacity wasn’t always enough to maintain all the services effectively, for this reason, the corporate has decided to rely on Google Cloud Platform, accompanied in this path by Google cloud specialists.

The switch to Google Cloud Platform helped the gaming solutions expert in accelerating development, thanks to detailed error reports, automatic analysis and on-point monitoring; gaining access to a tier of larger clients.

Stefano Cavallaro, Chief System Administrator, Sirplay LTD commented: “Online gaming is a complex industry, and our core values of trustworthiness and a global outlook need to be backed by the best technology available.

“One of the reasons we chose Google Cloud Platform is the opportunity to manage big data with products such as Google Cloud Pub/Sub, Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Bigtable

Roberto Murasso, Executive Manager, Sirplay added: “There are no limits on what we store and analyse. We are investing for a future of machine learning, to help us better understand the needs of our customers.”

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