SBC News BoscaBet CEO Fergal Downey - Evolving the independent betting shop experience

BoscaBet CEO Fergal Downey – Evolving the independent betting shop experience

BoscaBet is aiming to revolutionise the betting shop experience by increasing the competition between independent retailers and larger retail chains in 2018.

The Irish-based software company will launch its new “Live Race Center” which will expand the offering of independent bookmakers with live pricing and results, next-race signposts, premium time-form content, tips of the day ads and greyhound forecasts.

Detailing to SBC some of the reasons why BoscaBet’s new “Live Race Centre” can help smaller independent bookmakers compete with bigger retailers, BoscaBet CEO Fergal Downey stated: “There’s two elements that I think can help Independents enormously. The first is our Content Management System, a simple tool to allow retailers to manage displays remotely, including uploading their own ads, or using templates we supply.

“The second is the automation that is at the core of BoscaBet. That can be in the form of tips of the day or trebles that are chosen and uploaded to the displays automatically by the system, or in the form of insights selected and displayed from the premium content available.

“The result of both is great content and an engaging customer experience in the shop that is as good as anything in the market.”

He went onto emphasise how priorities that are at the heart of the “Live Race Centre” are replicated by that of the ever growing digital market. Subsequently this could allow independent retailers to be more competitive with the online market.  

He added:Most bookmakers have focused their recruitment strategies exclusively in the online space and this has changed the patterns of behaviour of younger punters. They expect digital experiences. They expect live and dynamic content. They expect insights and tips. Creating a modern, digital environment that delivers on these expectations is at the heart of what we do.”

Identifying that the new system isn’t restricted to just expanding independent retailers to a digital audience, he commented: “The way content is presented currently is definitely a barrier to new entrants to the market. Few younger punters spend the time that is necessary to go through detailed form. Many retail bookmakers realise that a lot of modern punters are looking for the thrill of the “now” in their betting behaviour, and the Live Race Centre is all about delivering for this market.

“Also, for younger punters who don’t have the language of racing we use star ratings, tips of the day, and key stats to inform their betting decisions.

“Those punters who are used to online content and offers are looking for insight and are open to offers that will sway them in making their decisions. If you can put context around your offers, like for example regional specific or time specific offers, then you are more likely to engage with those punters.”

BoscaBet’s offering is already deployed in the independent LBO market, including MegaBet, Winning Post, Toals, S&D, Bet138 and has received the endorsement of the BTC (Bookmakers Technology Consortium). Fergal concluded by underlining the importance of these endorsements, describing them as “a huge help.”

He continued: “We believe that our platform is best in class, but like all new entrants to a market it takes time to win the trust of retailers to invest in it. Endorsements like this, plus our ongoing work with the likes of Toals and Winning Post, makes gaining that trust easier.”

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