SBC News Paf launches new Finland-based tech school

Paf launches new Finland-based tech school

Nordic gaming firm Paf has announced plans to establish and operate a tech educational scheme in order to drive the development of coders and tech innovators.

The new school, named grit:lab, will initially consist of 50 students and commence in 2022 as an alternative ID education programme, combining elements of coding training based on the 01 edu platform’s pedagogy.

Paf was assigned the task by the Government of Åland in recognition of the need for tech development in both the Finnish region as well as across the Nordic countries. 

Training will be conducted on the archipelago at the Paf head office, with the aim of providing students with “an excellent proximity” to the latest technology as well as a tech inspired campus environment.

Deputy CEO and CRO at Paf, Daniela Johansson, commented: “We are convinced that this will be good and in the end grit:lab can help us find the tech talents we need. But the training is not only for Paf, it is for all IT companies. 

“We hope that many companies want to become partner companies for the education programme so that we can both help and get help from the IT students.”

The foundation for the scheme began in France and there are now similar educations in 40 different countries around the world. No previous basic knowledge of coding or IT is needed, in order for prospective students to access the scheme. 

Education will be conducted on a self-learning basis without the presence of teachers or classrooms, giving the pupils the sole responsibility for developing their skill sets.

“This is an interesting and exciting educational concept, where students learn to learn for themselves,” remarked Annika Hambrudd, the Government of Åland’s Minister of Education.

“It will be an excellent complement to current education and I think that a learning process without regular classes can be good for many students.”

Applications, in the form of an online test, will open around the turn of the year 2021/2022. Based on the first stage of tests, 150 persons can go on to the next step in the application process, after which 50 students will be allowed to start their education for free in the grit:lab in August 2022.

Francois Maugis, CTO at Paf, said: “grit:lab is looking for those who have talent and the right personal drive forward, regardless of their age, gender or where they come from “I have no doubt that these students will get a tech job after their education.”

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