efbet completes product puzzle through deVRealm purchase

Sportsbook and casino operator efbet believes it has found the “missing puzzle piece” to extend its market leader status in Bulgaria.

The operator has become a majority shareholder in deVRealm, a tech startup based in Sofia, in a deal which will help efbet to take back control of its product roadmap.

A ‘pilot’ project for deVRealm, efbet’s new platform will be developed entirely in-house, with third parties only involved for casino content and localised payment types.

Boyan Naydenov, efbet co-founder and COO (pictured, centre), said: “With years of experience in the betting industry and having achieved the market leader position in Bulgaria, we found that the missing puzzle piece for our development was to have our own platform. 

“This way we will not be dependable on third parties and will be able to develop our product without limitation and at the pace we require. We made this decision about a year and a half ago when we started thinking about expanding our company and entering new markets

“We believe that in order to become and retain the position of a leader, one must be ready to invest funds and work towards independence. Only then can you create truly unique products and experiences which can’t be found on other platforms.”

Naydenov confirmed that the current platform was developed by a third party provider, but what you see on the site is largely reflective of efbet’s individual needs as it was one of this third party’s first betting and gaming clients.

When asked about the key requirements of the new platform served by deVRealm, Naydenov explained: “The most important part when we create our platform is to serve our needs so this way we don’t have to adapt to the work process of the system. 

“Over the years we have gathered so many ideas to implement, but couldn’t due to some form of restrictions. Now with all these ideas in mind, we are setting them as requirements and we believe that this will give our team the possibilities to truly innovate, simplify the work processes and reduce the amount of human mistakes through automation.”

He concluded: “For so many years on the market, we have been studying our customers and we have understood what their biggest needs are, now it’s time for us to create our own way of how to satisfy those untapped desires.”

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