InBet brings the ‘X’ factor to Keno virtual lottery solution

Omni-channel gaming software provider InBet Games has introduced a new version of Keno, a virtual lottery solution designed for use online, on-screen in betting shops and on terminals through the company’s Lima platform.

Set in an ancient Chinese environment, Keno X allows players to select up to ten numbers in one bet, while there is an option to place up to 50 bets in one round.

The selected numbers are recorded in a drawing chart on the right side of the Keno Board, where a player can also look up a history of the drawing results from preceding rounds.

Meanwhile, the little black figures at the bottom of each number reflect that particular ball’s rating across the network, with the higher the number, the more wagers made on it.

As drawing occurs, the orange balls marked with numbers come rolling at the top of the board accompanied by the Chinese drumbeat tune, with twenty drawn during each period.

The larger the coincided quantity, the higher the winning amount. In a case of five out of ten matching numbers, the winning is only five, while if there are six matched numbers in ten, the multiplier grows by three and the winning amount jumps to thirty.

Pavel Korolev, Business Development Director at InBet Games, said: “The new version of Keno X, featuring a statistics chart where a player can view the odds of matching a certain number based on a recorded history of drawings’ results, can keep your clients firmly in suspense.

“While the core principle of the game is the same and as simple as ever, Keno X offers a player a refined and enthralling experience of immersion set in an ancient Chinese environment.”

Keno X is the first notable addition to InBet’s set of versatile gaming solutions in 2018. Last year, the company introduced a few variations of Keno and virtual games such as 3D Tron Race and 3D Dogs Race, along with DAREBS, a betting terminal which allows players to make bets on real-life events.

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