SBC News Peter Korpusenko: ambitious plans will see BETCORE soar

Peter Korpusenko: ambitious plans will see BETCORE soar

It has been quite the year for BETCORE, a freshly launched umbrella brand that debuted at the turn of the year that comprises a quartet of verticals, namely TVBET, FASTSPORT, El Casino, and Bet on Games, in a bid to streamline operations and accelerate growth.

In conversation with SBC News, CEO Peter Korpusenko addresses progress made thus far, and just how and why the introduction of BETCORE has delivered a wave of optimism both on an internal and external basis.

In addition to diving into a pair of these sub-brands and some very timely developments made, particularly amid a much publicised summer of sport, Korpusenko also details a change of focus for the Bet On Good charity foundation, and what lies in store from the group at September’s SBC Summit in Lisbon.

SBC News: It has been a number of months since BETCORE was introduced to the industry. What progress has been made during this time? And how receptive have you found the industry to be regarding this new direction for the group?

Peter Korpusenko: Hello! Yes, it hasn’t been long since BETCORE entered the market, but in that time, we have achieved significant success. Our efforts have been focused on creating and developing a powerful and diverse basis of original games in the most popular areas, which now includes four verticals: TVBET, FASTSPORT, El Casino, and Bet on Games. 

We have significantly expanded our game portfolio, implemented innovative technologies, and started integrating our products with leading operators worldwide.

The industry’s response has been extremely positive. We have received numerous excellent reviews from our partners, who highlight the high quality of our games, the high level of technical support, and most importantly, the ease of integrating all these games through a single API!

We are proud that BETCORE has become a reliable and in-demand partner in the igaming sphere. We have many ambitious plans and projects ahead, and we are confident that our products will continue to bring success and growth to both our company and our partners.

SBCN: Moving onto specific titles, we recently saw a collaboration entered alongside FashionTV Gaming Group for Fashion TV Keno. Could you elaborate a little more on this and just why this game will surely be a hit for players?

PK: Of course, collaborating with FashionTV Gaming Group to create Fashion TV Keno was an exciting and important challenge for us. Fashion TV Keno is a unique game that combines the luxury and elegance of the FashionTV brand with our technical innovations in the field of live games.

This game will be a huge success with players for several reasons. First, the FashionTV brand’s global recognition is always a huge plus. Second, the game of Keno itself is one of the most popular lottery games, known for its simplicity and excitement. Third, our many years of experience in creating live games have helped make the new game particularly engaging thanks to its technical features and a wide range of betting options. 

Together with FashionTV Gaming Group, we have given the game a unique style and atmosphere, making it especially attractive to high rollers and VIP players.

This partnership reflects our commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences globally. We are confident that players around the world will love this game!

SBCN: Another division of the BETCORE umbrella brand is FASTSPORT. With a summer of sport now firmly upon us, how has the company positioned itself to take full advantage of this? What further developments can we expect moving forward?

PK: FASTSPORT is one of the key verticals of the BETCORE brand. This line specialises in providing fast local sports matches that last from five to 45 minutes but possess all the characteristics of major sports events.

With the arrival of summer, a season brimming with sporting events, especially during Euro 2024, FASTSPORT is delivering outstanding results. Players are not only betting on major football matches, but are also increasingly engaging with our amateur sports games during the breaks between key matches.

However, what is truly remarkable about FASTSPORT is its independence from seasonality. Amateur sports games take place continuously, allowing our players to enjoy betting all year round. This gives us a significant advantage as we can offer a continuous stream of exciting content for our users.

In the future, we plan to continue developing and improving our product by adding new types of sports games and enhancing the existing ones. Our goal is to make FASTSPORT even more attractive and diverse for players.

SBCN: The group is also busy slightly altering the focus of its Bet on Good charity foundation. Could you tell us a little bit more about this and touch on what the core ambitions will be moving forward?

PK: Thank you for asking! Yes, we are actively working on developing our Bet on Good charity fund. Previously, considering the immense need of millions of suffering people, we focused primarily on helping those affected by the war in Ukraine. 

Now, as the situation has somewhat stabilised and Ukraine can better protect itself and its civil infrastructure, we have a small opportunity to catch our breath and begin expanding our global efforts, actively engaging in helping those in need around the world.

Within our foundation, we’ve taken a proactive approach to spotlighting the charitable efforts of other companies in our industry. We firmly believe that with our resources and influence, it is essential to step out of the shadows and actively participate in philanthropic activities to make our world a better place. 

To this end, we recently launched a new section on our social media platforms called “iGaming Charity Digest.” This initiative highlights the charitable activities of our peers, aiming to inspire and motivate our colleagues to address global issues and contribute their support.

We also plan to hold a major auction under the Bet on Good Foundation, with the proceeds directed towards addressing the most pressing issues of our time. We would be delighted if you, as SBC, could assist us in this endeavour, and we could host this event together with you at one of your exhibitions.

Stay tuned for our news! We are open to any charitable collaboration and aim to involve as many igaming companies as possible in our auction!

SBCN: September will see the SBC Summit make its mark on the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. What can we expect to witness from BETCORE at the event? Will we witness any significant activations or launches?

PK: We are actively preparing for the exhibition and are excited to attend the SBC Summit in its new location, the capital of Portugal — Lisbon. We anticipate excellent results from this exhibition and look forward to fruitful meetings with our valued partners.

One of the main highlights for our partners will be our updated game — Spin2Wheels! This game features two wheels of fortune that spin simultaneously. This gameplay increases the variety of bets, creating unforgettable tension and excitement. 

We are confident that this game will be very popular among players and will be a bright addition to our portfolio. We eagerly await the exhibition and look forward to sharing our new achievements and plans!

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