Enteractive: boosting audience retention

Enteractive: boosting audience retention around major sporting events

Daniel Larsson Enteractive
Daniel Larsson, Enteractive’s CCO.

As the world gears up for summer’s major sporting events, sports betting operators are preparing for a surge in customer activity. Events like the Euros draw in a vast casual audience eager to participate in the excitement of high-profile games. But the real challenge for operators isn’t attracting these customers—it’s keeping them engaged long after the final whistle blows.

So, what are you doing to keep your players on board once the big event buzz dies down? In the aftermath of these events, prompt and personalised engagement is crucial. Waiting too long to reconnect with the audience risks losing their interest entirely. 

Enteractive’s CCO, Daniel Larsson, emphasises the importance of direct conversations over traditional digital CRM tactics in reactivating these customers. By engaging them in meaningful discussions about their sports passions and preferences, operators can significantly boost retention rates following major sporting events and reduce the churn of more casual audiences.

“In our experience at Enteractive,” says Larsson, “we have been talking to various types of churned audiences for the last 15 years. Therefore, we understand some key actions that will benefit operators’ retention campaigns more significantly, the sooner the player is contacted.”

Unlike more seasoned bettors, casual audiences are driven primarily by the thrill of big events. Operators have the means to capitalise on this by offering tailored promotions and showcasing the diverse range of sports available globally.

These strategies, such as loyalty rewards, and exclusive access to upcoming events, can turn fleeting interest into lasting engagement. By creating a more personalised and rewarding experience, operators can enhance customer lifetime value and foster long-term loyalty.

Larsson adds: “When we speak to the players directly, one-to-one by phone, they are often more open to considering other experiences from a sports betting brand. This is something that can’t be achieved with one-way email communication or SMS. In our conversations with them, we tap into their passion for sport and help them find new ways to enjoy the thrill of betting on live sports.”

Enteractive’s extensive experience shows that personalised engagement strategies, such as one-on-one phone conversations, are far more effective than generic marketing channels. By tailoring services to individual preferences, operators can create a more compelling and relevant betting experience.

Timing is critical in reactivation efforts. Sportsbooks must prioritise retention and re-engage players promptly after any period of inactivity. Implementing targeted campaigns, such as personalised offers or reminders about upcoming events, can rekindle some players’ interest.

Utilising data analytics to understand player behaviour and preferences allows for more precise and effective reactivation strategies. This proactive approach not only reduces churn rates but also fosters a more loyal and engaged customer base, ultimately driving long-term revenue growth.

And for those less responsive customers, it’s important not to wait too long to reach out to them directly.  Six months later is too late for many – they’ve moved on, they’ve lost the moment.

International tournaments like the Euros drive a surge in betting activity and offer diverse betting opportunities, attracting millions of fans worldwide. Betting operators must provide competitive odds and exciting bonuses to capture the attention of sports enthusiasts and keep them coming back.

“While operators are already doing this, going the extra mile by engaging with players after the events can have a deeper and longer-lasting impact,” he concluded. “Personalised follow-ups and tailored communications can enhance player loyalty and encourage continued participation.

“Ultimately, major sporting events are more than just opportunities for short-term gains; they are pivotal moments to strengthen the bond between fans and betting operators. They unite nations, deliver thrilling betting experiences, and provide a platform for operators to demonstrate their competitive edge and customer-centric approach.

“Operators must leverage the excitement of major sporting events to enhance audience engagement and drive revenue. By adopting personalised engagement strategies and prioritising timely reactivation efforts, they can harness the momentum generated by these events to cultivate a loyal customer base.

“Don’t let the excitement fade—reach out to our B2B team to learn more about how speaking to your players during and after such events can keep those casual bettors engaged and enjoying the entertainment more regularly.”

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