BetVictor’s Eoin Ryan: Evolving the PriceItUp feature

Allowing punters to create their own bets is a feature that’s grown exponentially in recent years, over the coming season operators are aiming to further enhance the levels of control that users have over betting markets.

We spoke to BetVictor’s head of product, Eoin Ryan about the importance of personalisation, as well as how the “PriceItUp” feature can continue to evolve.

SBC: How important is the personalisation aspect of the BetVictor’s “PriceItUp” offering?

Eoin Ryan: In today’s world, businesses have only a few seconds to grab customers attention – if it’s not relevant to them, they’re gone. With that in mind, from the moment of conception of our #PriceItUp Builder, customer experience was a top priority for us. We wanted to ensure that customers would get a personalised, best in class product.

Our #PriceItUp Builder allows millions of potentially unique outcomes on a football match, so every customer can now create a very personalised bet. We see that many customers are tiring of the long lists of largely uninteresting markets on football, and the success of #PriceItUp Builder proves to reflect that.

SBC: Could you tell us more about what sets BetVictor’s PriceItUp market ahead of the competition?

ER: Without a doubt, the flexibility of our product is what sets it apart. In this competitive gaming landscape, we’re the first operator to develop a product that allows the range of various lines on markets like Cards and Corners and customers to choose first or second half periods. Our builder also allows up to ten separate but related elements to a bet, which raises the bar for other providers. Over and above that, our #PriceItUp Builder is an intuitive product that enables customers to focus on having an enjoyable gaming experience.

SBC: What type of leverage does the feature have and how can it grow and evolve in the coming years?

ER: As tech company, we’re certainly ahead of the curve in the gaming space when it comes to product offering. #PriceItUp is an in-house built tool and that gives us the opportunity to keep innovating and tailoring the product to meet our customers’ demands. We foresee custom-built markets to become an increasingly significant part of a bookmaker’s product offer going forward.

So, in a nutshell, anything is possible with this product. It could easily be launched on sports like Basketball, Tennis, Darts and Horse Racing. We’ve only scratched the surface in terms of the possible functionality of this product and we’re planning to build on it in the future.

SBC: Does the feature increase the need for traders and how important is it that it’s available on a wide range of sports?

ER: In the short term absolutely, as the sheer demand for these types of markets means that in the early phases traders are needed to create the pricing and build the markets. Long term, I can see a clear role developing within trading teams for traders who can oversee and assist in the production of various customer-created markets, rather than actually price the markets.

Regarding sports coverage, I think it’s only a matter of time before all major sports have a bet builder product enabled as customers are increasingly showing an appetite for it. It’s becoming a standard request for all major sporting events – from boxing bouts to high-profile golf tournaments.

Another market that would strongly benefit from innovative products such as bet builders is Horse Racing – we haven’t seen meaningful product development in this space for some time but, of course, there remains a huge betting interest in the sport.

SBC: Can you tell us further about any future product innovations that BetVictor is planning to launch?

ER: Technology innovation is at the heart of what we do, and as part of that, we’re working on a variety of products, from tech trading to voice activation concepts across various areas. It is an exciting time for our business as next year we’ll see a few of our projects come to fruition.

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