SBC News Driving innovation and trading performance with BETER's closed-loop product cycle

Driving innovation and trading performance with BETER’s closed-loop product cycle

In a sector where players have so many options to choose from and different tastes depending on the day, SBC sat down with Sabov Evgeniy, BETER Sports Head of Trading to discuss how player demands are constantly changing, what it means for the company’s trading team and for the industry moving forward.

I’ve been at BETER since its days as a startup with a team of 10 to the established company it is now. The trading team consists of more than 150 experts, each of whom has near 10 years of experience on average. This ranges from pre-match and live odds traders to supervisors, a whole planning department and more.

We’re the only company on the market that offers clients a closed-loop product cycle: we organise tournaments, as well as provide data and odds to operators as part of the same package. Our mathematical models and trading instruments are developed entirely in-house.

Our trading department works with our operations department to organise tournaments, which provides us with a wealth of stats that allow us to react to changes instantly, in contrast to companies that only provide odds and/or organise events.

Empowering trading through greater product ownership

By owning our product end-to-end, BETER has built an engaging entertainment offering for players, while delivering sustainable, high-margin returns for clients. By owning the content from development to distribution, our traders are able to truly shine: pricing markets faster and better, giving players plenty of fun and delivering a sustainable average margin of 7.5%.

BETER Sports’ main service line is table tennis, where we lead the market with the highest number of events – more than 9,000 fast sports matches per month across three countries. Instead of being bound by the ebbs and flows of national leagues, we organise matches as well as provide data and odds for 24-hour coverage, every day of the week, 365 days a year. We have the fastest direct incident feed for matches which are integrating into our trading tools – giving us and our clients 99% uptime for most markets.

Additionally, the trading team also offers highly engaging markets for basketball tournaments, and we will be offering markets and odds for MMA events worldwide very soon. 

We’ve taken great care to ensure all competitions adhere to the rules and regulations of the countries they take place in (Ukraine, Moldova and Czechia). All our tournaments have been organised in partnership with the relevant national sporting federations, and feature competitors who are at least 18 years old, and are members of the said federation.

And on the trading side, our team adheres to a strict in-house integrity policy to guarantee that tournaments are fair and transparent. The policy clearly outlines how our trading team analyses odds and bets – which greatly differ from predicted statistics – to stamp out and prevent potential foul play or match-fixing.

BETER Sports has also teamed up with national tournaments in several countries, which allow us to provide live streaming and odds to operators in these high-potential, under-utilised markets.

Trading and product development go hand-in-hand

A 2022 survey from Spotlight Sports Group highlighted that in-play and micro-bets will generate $7 billion of the total $9 billion of revenue generated by bets in the USA by 2025. In response, the team at BETER Sports has been developing our very own microbetting product that will be deployed on our fast sports content.

SBC News Driving innovation and trading performance with BETER's closed-loop product cycle

We’re already developing new markets for table tennis to speed up proceedings and allow users to place fast bets. Our primary goal is to allow bettors to place bets with the fastest possible outcome, such as a “race to four points” market that would be settled way before the end of the match. Considering the timeliness and efficiency needed for microbetting to be successful, our trading and product teams have been closely collaborating to build the product of the future.

The sheer amount of new, fast bets will allow us to reach even more players including those who don’t necessarily know a given discipline inside out – first to four points is straightforward for these players. It also makes placing bets a bit more like playing casino games, as the outcomes of fast bets are more unpredictable, thus adding yet more thrills for the end user.

Many think that challenger verticals like esports will overtake ‘traditional’ sports in the future, but we don’t think this is the case. Fast sports like BETER Sports’ tournaments provide a perfect blend of high-yield content with great margin performance, combined with room to experiment, innovate and grow into new disciplines, trading tools and approaches in the future.

SBC News Driving innovation and trading performance with BETER's closed-loop product cycle

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