BtoBet’s Dima Reiderman: Pariplay integration offers sportsbook at the flip of a switch

Working closely with operators gives BtoBet the necessary ‘ears to the ground’ when it comes to player trends and demands, and ultimately enables the platform provider to develop its offering to the highest possible standard. That was a key message from Dima Reiderman, Chief Operations Officer at BtoBet.

Speaking to SBC at the recent ICE London, Reiderman began the interview by discussing BtoBet’s recent native integration deal with Pariplay’s Fusion platform. 

He said: “This agreement was an industry first. I really think that it’s the first time operators can really gain access to a sportsbook without investing in heavy integration costs and project development. It will be like flipping a switch.

“If you have an integration with Pariplay as an aggregation platform, your access to a sportsbook is much faster, and much easier to maintain. So when it comes down to resources, and resource management, it’s a top priority for every company out there. 

“Now, companies can access a sportsbook much faster and in a much more economical manner. I really do think that this agreement will be a game changer in this space.”

The conversation soon shifted towards BtoBet’s roadmap, and how this evolves to meet the changing needs of its partners. Reiderman disclosed that being in tune with the differing demands for BtoBet’s partners gives the company the necessary ‘ears to the ground’. 

“We believe that our first and foremost client is not the player but the operator. And we believe that our operators are the experts in their respective markets. They have their ears to the ground, both to the player but also to the market needs and the trends. 

“So when we are shaping our annual roadmap, we do it together with the partners in the sense that we work out on a plan together, we present what we believe is the right solution for the market. 

“But then we also listen to a lot of their feedback, what type of features they would like to see, which market enhancements, which feeds integration and so on. So we’re building it together with them. It’s a true partnership.”

Watch the full interview HERE

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