SBC News Fonbet: Preparing for an ambitious year ahead

Fonbet: Preparing for an ambitious year ahead

As we edge closer to the beginning of 2022, Fonbet has a number of ambitious plans in the pipeline as it seeks to obtain new licences and enter different markets. 

In conversation with SBC, Alina Yakirevich, Marketing Director at Fonbet, reflects on the previous two years, highlighting the key lessons from 2020 and 2021 which will shape the bookmaker’s plans in the year ahead.

SBC: What would you say were Fonbet’s highlights in 2021?

AY: The biggest event of the year for Fonbet was undoubtedly UEFA Euro 2020. We were so happy that the tournament finally took place after being postponed, even though no one knew until the very end whether it would be held. It all came down to fans being allowed in the stands. The entire month was like one big holiday for football fans. 

SBC: The last two years have been difficult for the betting industry. How has Fonbet adapted to continue to meet its customers’ needs?

AY: We have tried to diversify our sports section as much as possible with additional events, for example, esports tournaments. We also focused a lot on our CRM and improved our product to make it even easier for customers to use. 

But I should also mention that our industry has not suffered as much as many others, for example, retail. This does not account for such a significant share of Fonbet’s total revenue, so our hardest time was when sporting events were suspended. Needless to say, we are very pleased that thanks to vaccines and the responsible attitude of stakeholders, sporting events are quickly returning to our daily lives. 

SBC: Has Fonbet bounced back from the difficulties of 2020 and 2021 as expected?

AY: The first three to four months of the global lockdown were far from easy. Thanks to our focus on the adaptability of our product and our constant work to improve it, Fonbet made it through this time rather painlessly. 

We also had the chance to spend even more time interacting with our most loyal audience segment. This was especially important when sporting events were cancelled because there was no active influx of new customers. In the end, we finished 2020 with strong numbers. 

SBC: What are Fonbet’s key takeaways from 2021 that you will take into 2022?

AY: Again, the key conclusion in our highly competitive industry is to constantly improve the product and loyalty programme. 

SBC: What can we expect from Fonbet in 2022? Can you mention anything in particular in your plans?

AY: Fonbet has ambitious plans for next year. For example, joint events and other activities with our ambassadors, for example, Alexander Ovechkin. We are also working on obtaining new licences and entering other markets. 

We are already operating in Belarus and Kazakhstan, but our ambitions stretch much further. We want to open a casino in Belarus. Fonbet has traditionally been a sports bookmaker, so a casino is one of our main challenges in the upcoming year.

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