Why SoftSwiss Game Aggregator brings ‘clear added value’ for BCGame
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Why SoftSwiss Game Aggregator brings ‘clear added value’ for BCGame

Chris Butler, Head of Operations at BCGame, said that games made available via the SoftSwiss Game Aggregator platform have proved a strong addition to its content portfolio.

In conversation with SBC News about engaging new players within the casino space, Butler praised BCGame’s partnership with SoftSwiss, while also stressing that companies should steer away from the “simple copy and paste” features – a method which he believes has helped the cryptocurrency casino to stand out from the competition.

SBC: For those of our readers who aren’t aware of the BCGame brand, can you tell us a little bit about what you do? 

CB: First and foremost BCGame is a cryptocurrency casino that currently supports over 45 different cryptocurrencies. We have a lineup of games that were developed in-house with the code published in open-source. 

In an effort to take transparency to a new level, the fairness verification tools for these games are community-created and peer-reviewed. We also allow users to bet with the house by contributing to the bankroll. When the house wins, they win. 

SBC: Can you tell us a bit about your VIP transfer program – how does this help you stand out from the competition?  

CB: Our VIP transfer program is one of our unique twists on the standard VIP rewards programs that are now commonplace at every online casino. BCGame will honor a player’s VIP status even if they earned it playing at another casino. 

When BCGame launches a new feature, you can be sure that it will never be a simple “copy and paste” of something that is already being done. That is how we stand out from the competition. By building on existing features or launching ones that have never been tried before.

SBC: How did your partnership with SoftSwiss come about? What was it that made you want to work with SoftSwiss?

CB: Our partnership with SoftSwiss was no accident. We performed several months of research, due diligence and had countless meetings with just about every company in the industry. This was a big decision for us so we had to be certain that all of our criteria could be met. BCGame is a one-of-a-kind brand that does not fit into any mold. SoftSwiss is the only company that can handle all the unique components that come with our partnership. Every other company we spoke to had very specific processes and to deviate from them was unspeakable. SoftSwiss was able to not only navigate our chaos with ease but guide us too.  Now, we move forward with confidence.

SBC: From your perspective, how has the SoftSwiss Game Aggregator added value to your company? 

CB: From an operations perspective the added value can be measured by the amount of effort we have been spared while still achieving maximum results. SoftSwiss has done all the work. I’m a “hands-on” kind of guy so that is hard for me to admit but it’s a fact. We can allocate more time towards other aspects of our business that would’ve been spent on countless hours of shuffling paperwork, negotiations, tech meetings regarding integrations with numerous game providers, dealing with competitive sales staff, etc. To be relieved of all that and still receive the end result of seamlessly integrating thousands of the best slots and live dealer games into the BCGame platform is extremely valuable to us.  

SBC: And finally, what are your hopes for your partnership with SoftSwiss?

CB: The SoftSwiss Game Aggregator has proven to be a very beneficial addition to BCGame. We’d like to explore some of the other verticals SoftSwiss offers such as the Affiliate Platform and SportsBook next. That is the simple answer. The more exciting answer is yet to be revealed. BCGame is always finding ways to push the boundaries and we challenge our peers to do the same. Working with the professionals at SoftSwiss, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

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