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Sam Milton (Source: Trustly)

Scan N Play: Cashless transactions in casinos and retail gaming

Sam Milton, Commercial Manager at Trustly, on revolutionising the deposit and withdrawal experience for land-based gaming operators through Scan N Play.

Across consumer sectors, there’s growing demand for cashless and contactless payment methods. As casinos, gaming halls and betting shops start to open back up, that same demand will apply for land-based gaming.

While card-like apps have begun to fill this gap, they don’t even come close to delivering the full potential of digital transactions for land-based operators. That’s where Trustly comes in. 

Trustly’s Scan N Play helps operators deliver a seamless digital deposit experience whilst also offering identification and KYC on the player.

Scan N Play is a web-based solution, not an app. Players don’t have to download anything to use it. All they need is their mobile phone, an internet connection and access to their online bank account.

The player is not limited to using an account that they have a card for. Trustly gives the player access to their full suite of funds, whilst also offering a safer transaction for the operator given that is accessed from bank verified login.

To initiate both a deposit and KYC verification, the player uses their phone camera app to scan a QR code, which can be displayed at any location in a gaming venue. Within a matter of seconds, the player can confirm their ID, make a deposit and start playing. 

Delivering wider vale beyond customer experience

On top of a superior CX, Scan N Play delivers benefits related to automated KYC processes, strengthened AML, and reduced administration related to cash handling and customer service. 

To get an overview of those benefits, you can read this article written by my colleague Sam Barrett. While I’ll touch upon some of those topics here, I’ll also offer a bit more detailed overview of how Scan N Play transactions work.

Scan N Play leverages Open Banking technology

Today, Trustly is the global leader in Account-to-Account payments –– that’s direct bank transfers for instant deposits and payouts between merchants and consumers.

This type transaction is referred to by various names, including Online Banking Payments, as well as Open Banking Payments in the UK. 

As a result of the increasing popularity of digital payment methods, Trustly onboarded over 2,500 merchants in 2020 alone. So we’ve kept busy.

If you want to know more about the regulation and the market forces driving consumer adoption of Open Banking, my colleague Liam Colclough summarises the key points.

Trustly is working hard to increase consumers’ awareness of Open Banking not just in gaming, but also in the e-commerce, travel and financial services sectors. We’ve found that once someone tries Trustly on one platform, a stickiness is created and people tend to choose us again in other settings. 

When it comes to sport fans specifically, our partnership with West Ham United has captured the attention of millions around the world. This increased visibility is sure to improve player recognition of the Trustly logo, both online and in land-based venues.

How do Scan N Play deposits work?

Scan N Play can be used at any touchpoint where a venue currently accepts cash. For example, let’s look at a CRT where the player buys a cash ticket to use as they play throughout a casino. 

When the player approaches the terminal, they click deposit and select Trustly. At this point, the Scan N Play QR code is presented on the screen. The player scans the code using the camera on their mobile. They then click the link that appears on their phone.

This takes them to their web browser app, where they begin the Trustly flow. The player selects the amount they wish to deposit, selects their bank and logs in as they normally would. 

In the same flow, Trustly gathers verified KYC data from the bank, and when required, via third party suppliers. To further mitigate fraud, the player provides two-factor authentication, which can be as fast and easy as using the fingerprint or face ID on their mobile. 

The KYC data is shared via an API call to the operator, who can do their standard background checks. Based on the result, the operator can decide whether or not to accept the player. 

If the player meets the required criteria, the operator can create an account for the player (or log the activity to an existing player’s account) and issue the funds. The player is ten ready to play. 

Scan N Play’s lightning-fast withdrawals work the same way

When a player is ready to cashout, they simply go back to any of the previous touchpoints, insert the ticket into the cash redemption terminal and trigger the withdrawal flow by scanning the QR code. 

If they choose to receive the withdrawal in the same account that they deposited from, it’s simply a one-click confirmation and the funds will be available instantly. 

However, they can choose another account with no additional risk. The player has the flexibility to have instant withdrawals sent to any of their bank accounts because Trustly can verify that the same person who made the deposit is making the withdrawal.

There’s a new era of payments on the horizon

Of course, cash is still an essential payment method for land-based casinos, and will be for a long time; there’s no getting around that. 

But in today’s digital world, by making cashless and contactless payment methods readily available, operators have the opportunity to complement cash. 

Over time, this will support continual improvement of the player experience while lowering cost and supporting operational efficiency for operators. At Trustly, we’re proud that Scan N Play can support operators as they simplify and improve their payment processes.

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