The future of pre-game betting: Should we pay our last respects?

The development of technology in the 21st century, particularly from a sports betting standpoint, has been geared around providing customers with instant rewards.

As Jakub Myszkorowski, Chief Commercial Officer at STATSCORE, aptly puts it. “We’re living in a time where people do a few push-ups and expect that the very next day they will turn into strongmen. The betting industry is no different.”

But, does this desire for instant gratification put the future of pre-game betting at risk? Myszkorowski explains why it is not yet ready to roll over to in-play betting. 

First things first, what makes live betting so tempting? It happens right here and right now. You bet as the game is being played and you don’t have to wait long after making your bet to knowing the outcome. You win or you lose quickly, then the joy starts all over again.

This is what keeps people coming back to place bets on the best websites, self-service betting terminals and mobile apps while live games are being played.

It is also why the giants of the betting industry invest a lot of time and money into expanding their live coverage in terms of the quantity and quality of the data and odds they can provide.

Yet, while at STATSCORE we care a lot about the in-play experience, as shown by our commitment to delivering animated key incidents in real-time through LivematchPro, we have not forgotten about those that like to have a bet pre-game. 

This is where the betting markets started and we strongly believe that you can’t have a world of sports betting without proper pre-game offers. Here are three key reasons why:

Pre-game betting still offers more time for properly analysing the odds on offer – while live betting is all about quick reactions and fast decisions, pre-game takes some of the pressure off users as it allows them to go through the numbers with care and make the best decision without an irritating time-bomb ticking in the background.

It is easier to compile accumulation bets – a combination of odds spread across several sports and leagues demands good analytical skills and perfect evaluation. While you can make a good decision quite quickly for one game, we doubt that you can do this for a few matches grouped together while they are being played.

You can leave the decision for later and think before you hit the button marked send – well, for obvious reasons, this is not possible when betting on live games, which is all about chances arising and disappearing very quickly.

Once you have completed the right behavioural analysis on your customers, it becomes clear that there are those who demand live entertainment with all the immediate excitement, alongside those who like to take their time to place more educated bets. 

Therefore, we believe that the sports betting operators who keep the right balance, offering something that’s tailored for both groups, will continue to be the most competitive.

With this in mind, STATSCORE took the time to develop proper pre-game widgets to engage and entertain fans. PrematchPro is our answer to the needs of the more traditional betting fans, who still enjoy taking the extra time to decide before placing their bets.

From head to head comparisons to previous performance data, in-depth league statistics and latest standings, PrematchPro delivers all the necessary information to stimulate pre-game bettors, while taking away any need for them to visit external sites.

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