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6 of the Best – Nolimit City’s Per Lindheimer

This week’s 6 of the Best comes from Per Lindheimer, Product Owner at Nolimit City.

In the latest edition, that also comes complete with a full a set of runners-up in each category, discover what bucked the trend of not mixing business with pleasure, “bolting” through a group of death and what triumphed in a tough movie dilemma.

Best Holiday

Well, I have to tie in some fun stuff with Nolimit on this one, even though it was considered as semi-work as well.

Nolimit rented a massive yacht in Malta for a weekend and went for a day-cruise with some friends and our clients – a very nice and luxurious boat ride in sunny Malta. It was an unforgettable moment that I’ll always remember, and came with a sun tan that was sore for a couple of days.

We finished the weekend off with a ride to Golden Bay to visit the yearly beach volley tournament, where we once again met up with lots of fun guys in the casino industry. This is for sure something I’ll always treasure and remember – it was definitely something that contradicts the saying of not mixing business and pleasure.

Runner-up: Oktoberfest. You can’t not have fun at Oktoberfest, and there’s a reason that we’ve created a video slot with this theme at Nolimit City.

Best Album

Simple choice, but of course with extremely tough competition – OK Computer by Radiohead. By far the best album given my expectations when I first got my hands on the record. I couldn’t stop playing it and it’s still in heavy rotation 20 years later.

Runner-up: Too many to choose from.

Best Sporting Experience

The summer of ’94 and the World Cup! Wow, what a summer! 15 years old, no worries whatsoever, and I could spend all my time on football and video games. The weather in Sweden was absolutely insane and the Swedish team bolted through the “Group of Death” against Brazil, Russia and Cameroon. Sweden finally finished in 3rd place after a huge 4-0 victory against Hristo Stoichkov’s Bulgaria to win the bronze medal.

Swedes went full mental during the World Cup and it’ll be a long time until we’ll be able to experience something similar. Tomas Brolin, Martin Dahlin and Kennet Andersson will forever be legends and also my heroes…

Runner-up: Nothing even close.

Best Film

Hmm, tough one, even tougher than ‘Best Album’. I’m a sucker for horror movies, but I’ll go with a neo-noir crime thriller – Se7en. David Fincher created a monster of a movie with one of my all time favourites, Morgan Freeman. The mood in that movie kept you on edge from start to finish.

Runner-up: Shawshank Redemption needs to be mentioned as a very close runner-up.

Best Book

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I’ve read this series so many times, and it’s always fun to answer ‘42’ to my nerdy friends. My wife always wants to throw out “that ugly old worn-down book” from our bookshelf, but this one will stay there forever. I always forget books all over the place, but this one is never forgotten on the beach or the bus, I’ll pass it on to my kids one day.

Runner-up: No other book comes close.

Best bet

I’ve done a lot of stupid bets in my days, but the best bet must be when I won a nice sum on Davor Suker as the Golden Boot Winner during the World Cup ’98. An iconic player in an iconic team! It didn’t hurt when he signed for Arsenal a year later – so that bet paid for my Arsenal jersey with #9 and Suker on the back; a great memory that still lives on when I see that jersey!

Runner-up: My heads-up tournament win at a big affiliate group back in the day, beating two WSOP Main Event-players.

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