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OtherLevels: Taking in-play messaging to the next level

Joe Hannaford, OtherLevels

Joe Hannaford, Principal Consultant at OtherLevels, spoke to SBC News about how sophisticated real-time messaging can help operators maximise the full potential of in-play betting.

The crowded Christmas football calendar is always a battle between trader and bettor, but with next summer’s World Cup in Russia beginning to loom large on the horizon it will be the front line of the opening skirmishes.

It will be a period when operators will look to stand out from the crowd to tempt new and existing users with offers they cannot refuse as marketing efforts are ramped up.

One certainty, however, is that in-play betting will remain a key battleground for operators as it now features heavily in the customer journey of most bettors. For instance, bet365’s live betting business represented 72% of the firm’s total sports revenues, according to its 2016/17 accounts, highlighting the significance of the channel for the company.

In-play has greatly improved the sports betting experience, but we’ve only scratched the surface of its potential.

Some companies will look to complement this channel with a real-time marketing strategy that sends notifications featuring the latest live odds triggered by key match events, such as a goal scored or a red card.

For operators, this is an effective tool to target bettors in a matter of seconds after a major incident with fresh new odds, promoting the bettor to make additional bet placements. It’s also a clever way to target those who may have cashed out already, with a view to recycling those funds back into their system, rather than switch sites.

Although it holds many positive attributes, it’s our belief that the method in which these odds are sent out can still be improved upon.

One such problem which many operators face is the process involved in sending real-time messages to bettors.

At present, much of the content being sent out is failing to resonate with the target audience because they are non-personalised and not linked to an in-play trigger. Furthermore, there is no sophisticated approach to who receives such content, with messages sent out as a batch and blast to all end users.

Even if those who can segment and send messages, this will have to be done manually, with CRM executives sitting alongside traders to determine the messaging to be delivered. Not only does this take up valuable resources, it’s a slow process and means that on more occasions than not, messages become irrelevant by the time they reach the end user.

One solution to improve the delivery of real-play messaging is using a sophisticated messaging platform, such as the one we use at OtherLevels, which dynamically sends out personalised in-play actionable content. Not only does it deliver relevant content, it also drives betting behaviour and an increase in revenues for operators.

Innovative platforms have the capability to automatically identify and select the key audience who are most likely to respond to real-time push notifications. Factors such as an individual’s betting behaviour and history are considered, plus the teams involved in such a match and whether they would be of interest to them in placing a bet.

This approach also allows the betting company to provide a personalised betting experience, as live and up-to-date odds are delivered automatically.

There’s much excitement as we head into a World Cup year with plenty of opportunities for operators to grow their user base and receive and generate additional revenue streams.

In-play betting will continue to be a key driver for growth during the tail-end of the football season and the summer’s biggest tournament. Those with sophisticated and dynamic real-time messaging will be in a strong position to fully maximise the full potential of in-play betting.

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