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InBet Games: Innovating around regulatory certainty

One of the most important themes running through the gambling sector today is the issue of regulatory oversight, writes Pavel Korolev, Business Development Director for InBet Games.

The issue of regulatory oversight is of paramount importance to every gambling operator; what you can and cannot do in any given jurisdiction varies from country to country and keeping on the right side of the rules is a vital element of operations. Indeed, perhaps the most important element.

When it comes to your service suppliers, the issue of regulation is a prominent issue that needs to be addressed.

Experience of dealing with such issues across many jurisdictions is therefore of vital importance. This is one reason why InBet prides itself on the fact that, over 15 years, we have provided working solutions for gaming, betting and lottery operators in over 40 countries.

Key among this number are the two national lottery operators on our roster of clients – that itself is an example of the degree to which we are a trusted partner for each and every customer we deal with.

Working within such regimes as those outlined in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS markets, we ensure that operators will also be on the right side of the rules and will have that security of knowing that the games they deploy will not fall foul of the laws of the land.

As an example: though classic slots and RNG games are popular globally, in many territories there are restrictions on exactly what you can offer the customer. It creates a vacuum of demand that operators are unable to supply.

Yet, through our experience, at InBet we were able to discard RNG within a product that emulates a slot game but uses an animated simulation that derives from making bets on real-life events.

This solution has been approved and certified by BMM Testlabs – the world’s leading gaming certification entity – and it has also passed legal scrutiny both internally and via external lawyers in each jurisdiction where the solution is deployed.

It means you are not playing hit and miss on the regulatory front and ensures that your business will not be disrupted by any legal surprises.

Here at InBet, we see the Americas as a particularly exciting opportunity for our product range, which includes one example where consumers who buy a jukebox or an ebook get complimentary access to a pre-installed sweepstake app.

The pattern of growth that is beginning to emerge across the continent is one we have witnessed before in the markets of the CIS.

With regulators still feeling their way towards opening up – and with existing gaming and lottery and gaming providers in each territory nervously eyeing up both the opportunity and the threat – we think it is a great time for operators to take a look at proven products with proven track records in similarly regulated territories.

We can provide the products that give the regulators certainty over the outcome of deploying our products while operators also know they will be providing their customers with an engaging, safe, reliable and profitable product.

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