6 of the Best – Pinnacle’s Jason Williams

Jason WilliamsBetITBest‘s Nico Jansen is interested in discovering the best in people. This week it’s Jason Williams.

Jason Williams is the Design Manager at Pinnacle and has just celebrated his 10th year with the company, originally starting as a Junior Designer way back in 2006. 

He has just overseen the first major re-brand of the illustrious Sportsbook since its inception in 1998. This includes a bold new logo showcasing Pinnacle’s sub-brands for sports betting, casino, eSports, mobile and affiliates.


Best Holiday

I’ve enjoyed several holidays in Europe, lazing around the pool with ice-cold beer in hand. However, I think my best holiday was taking my wife to New York. We jam-packed everything and anything into that holiday from Helicopter tours to a Mets baseball game. We just needed another holiday to get over it!

Best Album

I have quite an eclectic taste so I struggle to pick one but I’m going to go for an album that was released in the same year as I started at Pinnacle – ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ by Arctic Monkeys. Love that album.

Best Film

I’m a Star Wars geek and even collect the original figures (and yet still managed to get someone to marry me), so I’ll have to say that. I love Tarantino films though, of which Pulp Fiction is my favourite.

SpursBest Sporting Experience

Well, I’m a big Tottenham fan so there hasn’t been too many over the years! My neighbour used to operate the scoreboard at White Hart Lane so he took me along with him once when I was about 15 years old. I got to meet the players and walk on the pitch so that was a special moment for me. For an actual game, I’ll have to say the 1999 League Cup final at the old Wembley, as I at least got to see them lift a trophy!

Best Book

My wife would laugh at this point, as I’m not much of a reader. I always say I’m more of a ‘visual person’. I did read ‘Think Like a Freak’ which I really enjoyed. I’d much rather read stuff like that than fiction. I usually just wait until it gets made into a film.

Best Bet

I’m very much a square bettor, unlike our customers. My best bet, which always sticks in my mind, is one between me and my mates. They knew I wasn’t keen on spicy foods so once in an Indian restaurant they all dared me to eat the hottest chillis available. They all clubbed together and stumped up a considerable amount of cash in return for, they hoped, a big fat laugh at my expense.

Unfortunately for them I must have got a dud chilli as I accepted their challenge and nothing happened. Nothing at all. Someone tried one straight after me and it absolutely blew their head off. So I got the last laugh… and the cash.


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