6 of the Best – Mondogoal’s Shergul Arshad

shergul.arshad.mondogoalBetITBest‘s Nico Jansen is interested in discovering the best in people. This week it’s Shergul Arshad.

Shergul Arshad is Founder and CEO of Mondogoal, the largest European daily fantasy site which boasts partnerships with the likes of Barcelona, Chelsea, Sports Interactive and more. He was previously Head of Digital at AS Roma and the translator for the Italian team at the 1994 World Cup. 

Best Holiday

I love to travel and anchor a trip around a sporting event. World Cup trips have been the best. I grew up in Florence, Italy, so Germany with my Dad when Italy won it has to take the cake, though in terms of beauty, Cape Town (2010 World Cup) or Rio (2014) were my favourite exotic discoveries.

Best Album

Now that’s a tough one! I’ll have to go with Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty. Free Fallin’ ranks as my favourite song.

Best Film

Easy, Star Wars. What else? I first saw it as a seven year old in the theatre. Pure magic, and whilst I’m not a religious guy, I’m a sucker for the Force and even named my first born Luca after Luke Skywalker.

Maldini & BaggioBest Sporting Experience

Personally it was spending a full month as the media liaison with the Italian national football team at the US World Cup in 1994. I practiced as the unofficial 23rd member of the squad, and often times found myself marking Roberto Baggio or passing the ball off to Gianfranco Zola or Paolo Maldini. Unbelievable for a 23 year old.

As a fan? I’ve been to almost every big event. Nothing tops a Super Bowl with your team in it. Closest is the fun of traveling around for a World Cup. I have been to six World Cups and plan on not missing another.

Best Book

The Hobbit. No book has enchanted me in quite the same way since that, although Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code both came close.

Best Bet

Best bet I ever placed was in Vegas, 50:1 odds with $20 that Andruw Jones would lead Major League Baseball in home runs, the year he wound up doing so. $1,000 bought me a totally useless signed Andruw Jones bat for $300 (about $280 more than it’s probably worth) but it’s a good bragging rights story.


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