Screen time: How MRG Systems is harnessing new technology for LBOs

Bryan CorbinBryan Corbin, Technical Director at MRG Systems, explains how the firm has adapted the latest technology to enhance betting shop signage capabilities.

The emergence of faster, smaller, more powerful PCs and other devices capable of driving screens and TVs has opened up new avenues and opportunities for screen display systems. What is clear is that the bespoke in-shop PC will be retired as the introduction of off-the-shelf solutions becomes more common-place.

MRG Systems are delivering powerful servers driving multiple screens, mini-PCs, HDMI plug-in devices and even smart TVs, harnessing the latest display software to facilitate the digital displays of the future. This means they are now more able to deliver more flexibility to provide a signage solution for any size of budget.

On the 21st Oct, MRG Systems will be at the Bookmakers Trade Fair in Solihull. The stand has been designed to show off examples of these new products and their relevance to the future of in-shop screen systems. These include driving two large screens, each with four templates from a single mini PC. A plug-in USB device that transforms any TV by introducing a full HD (1080p) web browser. This offers new choices for digital displays in all its forms.

The recent introduction of 4K TVs has solved how text in a dense format can be displayed. For instance a digital newspaper like the All-in-One and the Summary screens are perfect candidates for these ultra high definition screens. Smart TVs have a little way to go yet but we are working on some exciting ideas which could provide a broad platform on which to build new screen systems in the approaching years.

The introduction of these devices also provides us with a variety of opportunities to enhance the back-office capabilities of our management software. BIDS5 and future solutions will exploit these benefits as we probe and develop their functionality for the purpose of delivering a better in-shop experience to customers.

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