SBC News Ugandan football threatened by match fixing

Ugandan football threatened by match fixing

ugandaUgandan football and sporting authorities have expressed concerns that the Uganda Super League (USL), the top tier of Ugandan football may be vulnerable to match fixing.

The nations sporting authorities have requested for help and advice in monitoring and policing football corruption in its fixtures. Uganda sports betting authority the Sports Betting Association of Uganda (SBAU), stated its concerns as USL matches have been listed on online bookmakers – Kings Bet, Top Bet and Wolfsport.

SBAU have not accused the online bookmakers of influencing sports corruption or match fixing, however the body has expressed concern regarding the regulation and monitoring of online bookmakers accepting bets on USL matches.

Dennis Kikonyogo Acting Chairman of SBAU commented “This is an open market, and we need to ensure that consumers are not defrauded when they win”.

“We don’t make odds, we use international odds. So different betting companies use those odds as guidelines to determine theirs. It could be more or less depending on their projections. It is an open industry and we cannot stop companies listing odds on our football leagues”

Concerned parties with Ugandan football which include managers, coaches and former professionals have expressed fear that football athletes may be targeted by criminal gangs, exploiting poverty conditions in Uganda. Uganda is currently ranked in the top twenty poorest countries in the world (CIA World Report)

Stakeholders within Ugandan football have urged for the government to take action and begin to framework policy, regulations and prevention mechanisms in order to combat football match fixing.



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