SBC News BGC pledges Labour support to put industry on “right footing”

BGC pledges Labour support to put industry on “right footing”

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has voiced its support for the new Labour government following results of the General Election.

The body has stated that it is committed to working with the new cabinet to deliver a ‘world class’ betting and gaming industry, following Labour’s landslide victory.

Prior to yesterday’s vote, Labour pledged to ‘drive up’ standards on responsible gambling, with its manifesto envisioning working closely with the industry to secure the UK’s number one spot as the leading betting and gaming market. 

The changes are largely being driven by the Gambling Act White Paper, which was published in 2023 – also highlighting the need to tackle problem gambling and gambling-related harm, which Bacta has more than once stated will put the industry on the right footing to drive economic growth.

Currently, the regulated betting and gaming market generates £4.2bn in tax and puts in £7.1bn into the national treasury, supporting some 110,000 jobs in today’s economy. 

Part of the funds are allocated to build up and support some of the most popular sports in the country, such as football, horse racing, darts, rugby, and snooker. 

BGC Chair, Michael Dugher – who is also a former Labour MP – said: “On behalf of our members, the 110,000 people whose jobs rely on the regulated betting and gaming industry, and the 22.5 million people who enjoy a bet each month, we welcome Labour’s victory and its commitment to continue working with the industry.

“On hard-pressed high streets through bookmakers, in the leisure and tourism sector through casinos and bingo halls and in tech, where our members are genuine world beaters, this is a sector ready to contribute to growth, jobs and investment in the economy. 

“We are investing in virtually every constituency in the land and we look forward to working with all the newly elected Members of Parliament.”

He added that BGC members are currently ‘in the midst’ of the biggest regulatory changes in a generation following the publication of the White Paper, which Labour supported, and much of this work will carry on now the election is complete. 

“Our members have the much needed political certainty they need to plan and invest for a sustainable future,” Dugher continued.

“This work is backed up by the industry’s own significant efforts to drive world-class standards and protections for the vulnerable, which has transformed the sector in recent years and stands in marked contrast to the dangers posed by the unsafe, unregulated black market online.”

The Chair also stated that BGC had long treated Labour as a ‘Government in waiting’, working closely with shadow ministers in recent years, on behalf of its members and their customers.

“Our work to drive up standards and champion a world leading British industry carries on and we look forward to partnering with Labour – as they have pledged – in this vitally important work,” Dugher concluded.

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