SBC News Gevorg Ghazaryan, Delasport: continuous learning Is crucial in sales

Gevorg Ghazaryan, Delasport: continuous learning Is crucial in sales

Gevorg Ghazaryan, the Senior Sales Director at Delasport since last year, has accumulated valuable experience as a sales manager with the likes of Digitain and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Eurasia International University.

In an open conversation he shares his thoughts on sales in igaming, his beliefs, priorities, and the future of Delasport and the industry in general. 

SBC: Gevorg, can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into sales?

Gevorg Ghazaryan: My career began in the tourism industry, where I started as a sales manager and later progressed to the role of CEO at a travel agency. Throughout my time in the tourism sector, I discovered a passion for connecting with people, understanding their needs, and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations. This experience laid the foundation for my transition into the dynamic world of igaming. 

The fast-paced nature and innovative opportunities within the igaming industry captivated me, prompting me to join Digitain as a sales manager. In this role, I found fulfilment in showcasing igaming products, and forging strong partnerships. The excitement of the iGaming sector fuels my enthusiasm for sales, allowing me to leverage my communication skills and passion for meeting people to drive success in this ever-evolving industry. Joining Delasport was a great opportunity to apply my skills in a highly innovative and fast-growing company. My journey has been exciting and fulfilling, and I’m proud to be part of a team that consistently drives success.  

SBC: What motivated you to take a sales role at Delasport? 

GG: It was Delasport’s innovative approach and strong regulated market presence. I saw an opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking organisation that values growth and excellence. The chance to work with a talented team was also a significant factor. I was excited about the challenge and the potential to contribute to the company’s success in a meaningful way. Another factor is that this move widened my career exposure, allowing me to transition from a local company to an international one.   

SBC: What makes Sales in the igaming industry exciting to you? 

GG: Sales in the igaming industry is particularly exciting due to its fast-paced and ever-evolving nature. The constant innovation and advancements in technology keep the market dynamic, providing endless opportunities for growth and creativity. Additionally, the global reach of the industry means we get to interact with a diverse range of clients and markets, each with its own unique challenges and opportunities. This diversity keeps the work fresh and stimulating, and the competitive landscape pushes us to continually refine our strategies and stay ahead of trends.  

SBC: What skills do you think are essential for a successful career in sales? 

GG: For a successful career in sales, several key skills are essential. Primarily, effective communication skills are crucial. Being able to clearly convey ideas, listen to clients’ needs, and build relationships is foundational. Secondly, strategic thinking and the ability to analyse market trends and data are important for identifying opportunities and making informed decisions. Additionally, resilience and adaptability are vital in navigating the ever-changing market landscape and overcoming challenges. And lastly, having a customer-centric approach and a genuine passion for helping clients succeed will drive long-term success and satisfaction in a sales career.  

SBC: How do you continue to grow and develop your skills as a salesperson? 

GG: Continuous learning is crucial in sales. I make it a point to stay updated on industry trends and advancements through regular training and professional development courses. Networking with peers and attending industry events also provides valuable insights and new perspectives. Additionally, seeking feedback and reflecting on past experiences helps me refine my strategies and improve my performance. 

SBC: What does it take to convince a partner from a brand-new regulated market to choose Delasport? 

GG: Convincing a new partner to choose Delasport requires a strategic and tailored approach. Firstly, it’s essential to demonstrate a deep understanding of the specific market’s regulations and dynamics, showing that we can navigate and comply with local requirements seamlessly. Highlighting Delasport’s proven track record of success in other markets and showcasing our comprehensive and innovative solutions can build confidence in our capabilities. Building a strong, trust-based relationship through transparent communication and by addressing any concerns or questions promptly will also be key to securing their partnership.  

SBC: What trends do you currently see in the iGaming industry when it comes to Operators’ and players’ goals? 

GG: In the gaming industry, we’re seeing a significant emphasis on player personalization and gamification. Operators are increasingly leveraging data-driven insights to offer tailored experiences that cater to individual preferences and behaviours. At Delasport, we excel in this area, with our advanced technology allowing us to deliver customised promotions, recommendations, and rewards that resonate with each player. 

Additionally, we’re leading the way in offering content beyond the traditional sportsbook, with a range of unique features that set us apart in the market. Our commitment to innovation and providing an immersive gaming experience ensures that both operators and players can achieve their goals of engagement, enjoyment, and success.  

SBC: What makes Delasport the place for you to thrive? 

GG: Delasport fosters an environment of innovation, collaboration, and continuous growth. The company’s commitment to excellence and its forward-thinking approach aligns perfectly with my professional values and aspirations. Being part of a team that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the igaming industry provides me with the challenges and opportunities I need to thrive and succeed.  

SBC: What do you think will be the igaming trends of the future? Five to 10 years let’s say. 

GG: Predicting future trends in igaming five to 10 years ahead involves some speculation. However, considering current paths and developments, it’s possible to identify several trends. We can anticipate further advancements in technology, particularly in areas like virtual reality, which could revolutionise the gaming experience.

Additionally, the integration of AI is likely to become more prevalent, enabling even more personalised and immersive gaming experiences. Furthermore, as regulations continue to evolve, we may see increased global harmonisation and standardisation, facilitating market expansion and innovation. And finally, the rise of esports is expected to continue, with these sectors likely to play an increasingly significant role in the iGaming landscape. Overall, adaptability and innovation will remain key as the industry continues to evolve and expand. 


If you’re also attending iGB L!VE Amsterdam, you can book a meeting with Gevorg – here and explore the innovative opportunities your iGaming business has when partnering with an expert team such as Delasport’s.


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