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SOFTSWISS shows support for Cleaning up the World initiative

SOFTSWISS has shown its support for the global environmental initiative ‘Cleaning up the World’, joining several other companies at a campaign in Poznań, Poland earlier this month.

On 16 September, SOFTSWISS representatives travelled to Poland for the 30th edition of the campaign, working with around 130 companies to help transform a significant area in the Polish city into a cleaner and more eco-friendly environment.

“We truly embrace the power of positive change, recognising the profound impact that each person’s contribution holds. Together, we are making real and noticeable changes that we can see, touch, and feel,” stated Katsiaryna Shved, Event Manager of Employer Brand at SOFTSWISS.

The ‘Cleaning up the World’ initiative aligns with SOFTSWISS’ social responsibility values. Along with environmental campaigns, the company also aids victims of natural disasters and military conflicts, supports individuals battling serious illnesses, champions social causes and fosters multicultural cooperation.

Last year, SOFTSWISS donated more than €1.7m to charities. In 2023, following the disasters in Turkey, the company made a $25,000 donation to purchase container houses for individuals who found themselves without shelter.

Valentina Bagniya, Chief Marketing Officer at SOFTSWISS, added: “A clearly defined mission and a robust values system are vital for sustainable development of any company. 

“‘We care’ stands as a fundamental statement among SOFTSWISS’ core values, articulated through explicit principles such as ‘We see people’, ‘We embrace changes’, ‘We push for customer success’ and ‘We excel’.

“While cultivating both personal responsibility of our team members and social responsibility within the entire company, we take measurable steps including charitable contributions, active engagement in philanthropic initiatives, and participating in eco-friendly activities. 

“The alignment of our employees around these shared values significantly enhances the quality of our output.”

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