GambleAware increases GamCare funds to revitalise UK support structures

Kate Lampard – GambleAware

Industry charity GambleAware has confirmed that it has reached a new agreement with partner GamCare, to fund the ‘National Gambling Helpline’ and further support the expansion of UK treatment services for adults experiencing gambling-related harms.

Updating the market, GambleAware will increase GamCare’s annual funding by 20%, which will be attributed to a grant totalling £14 million over three years.

Increasing subsidies, GambleAware aims to revamp GamCare’s public support structures which include;

  • Maintaining the National Gambling Helpline,
  • Developing a national network of talking therapies
  • Improving online access to consumer support
  • To enhance the efficiency of GamCare on gambling harm treatment and intervention.

In addition, GambleAware intends to commission new aftercare services to prevent relapse, as well as services that offer help for the families of problem gamblers, including bereavement counselling.

Confirming the increased GamCare funding,  Kate Lampard, Chair of GambleAware, said:

“GambleAware is pleased to make this renewed three-year commitment to GamCare. The fact that less than 2% of ‘problem gamblers’ were receiving treatment represents a significant gap in the provision of specialist services. Our goal is to close the gap between the number of those getting treatment and those who need it by increasing the range, quality and quantity of early interventions and treatment while helping people to avoid gambling problems in the first place.”

GambleAware governance recognises the need for a board range of UK stakeholders to work collectively in the development of support services.

The charity welcomes the Department of Health recent demand of Public Health England to inform and support action on gambling-related harms.

Moving forward, GambleAware seeks to further combine its knowledge and the complexities of gambling-related harms with current NHS mental health services.

Sir Ian Prosser – GamCare

Sir Ian Prosser, Chair of GamCare, said: “GamCare is delighted to have signed a new Grant Agreement with GambleAware. The extra money will enable us to help more people to recover from problem gambling, and to help those who are affected by the gambling of a family member or friend. We will use the Grant to develop further our range of services and to deliver a new model of care, so that individuals get help which is tailored to their needs. The assurance of a three-year agreement gives us the certainty about funding which means that we can push forward with our plans to develop and deliver an integrated treatment system, which people rightly expect.”

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