Betfair – Fillon slip sees Emmanuel Macron take ‘France 2017’ market lead

Emmanuel Macron leader of socialist independent party ‘En Marche’ has been priced as 6/4 ‘French 2017 Presidential Election’ market favourite (39% chance of win) by the Betfair exchange.

Macron who announced his official candidacy last November has been labelled as the French Left’s best hope at defeating hard-right candidate Marie Le Pen, who is currently Betfair’s third market favourite at 7/2 (21% chance of win).

As France gears up for its first round of ballot voting (the French electoral system operates a two-ballot structure), former market favourite Francois Fillon has been hit with severe allegations of cronyistic conduct this January.

Betfair politics reports that Fillon price has drifted to 7/4 (36% chance of win). However, it remains unknown whether a slip in Fillon popularity benefits socialist Macron or far-right hardliner Le Pen

Naomi Totten, Spokesperson for Betfair, commented on France 2017: “Francois Fillon was the clear favourite for presidency once chosen to represent the Republican Party in this year’s election. However, after becoming embroiled in the Penelope-Gate scandal and with authorities today raiding his office, Emmanuel Macron has leapfrogged Fillon and is currently the 6/4 favourite for presidency.

“Marine Le Pen had been briefly favourite in November and remains very much in the running, sitting comfortably at around 7/2 behind the two frontrunners. For the Socialist Party, things aren’t looking so optimistic as their elected candidate Benoit Hamon trails behind at 45/1. Alain Juppé has also been backed in from 999/1 to a low of 29/1 as a replacement for Fillon who may have to surrender his candidacy should he be unable to weather the storm.”

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